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Monday, December 03, 2018


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There are some amazing artists who have truly invested a lot of time and effort into this program, so for them, I am sad to see this happen. With that said, I also know that there have been a few members who have abused this system, so this happening, is not a huge surprise either. Here is hoping that they can clean out the bad ones and keep their real artists in the program.

Zoey Mara

any thing that involves any type of public vote becomes a popularity contest and the person who can get the most friends to go vote for them will get the grant i would not include any public voting into who gets a LEA for their art display. even if it only makes up 30% of the total vote that's 30% more votes than someone who might be amazing at art but only has 1 friend to vote for them. Sorry but a public vote doesn't work at all its ripe for corruption. only thing that would work is a unbiased panel and i would go as far as a requirement where if a panel member is a friend or knows someone that's up for a LEA vote that panel member must step aside and not vote ..if it later comes out that said panel member did not step aside and voted anyways then that panel member should be removed and banned from the Panel. The only thing that should be voted on is the art itself. You could even vote on a art project while blacking out the user name from the panel. That way its only the art being voted on

Chic Aeon


I think that recusing oneself from voting if the artist was known is likely unworkable because many major artists are well-known and recusing would leave one person to vote :D.

I DEFINITELY agree that any sort of voting system can be gamed too easily and is not the answer.

I do thing the idea of not releasing names is a good one. Not that I have a vote LOL.

There have been some outstanding installations in the past, absolutely. But honestly from my point of view things have gone downhill over the last few year and likely the committee sees that also.

There are still some shining stars each round but overall the quality is lower. That is in part because many of our top arts left these last few years. Hopefully some new ones will emerge!

It is late and I am not at my most eloquent of thought, but that's my comment.


This is just another smart ass move from the committee, that is responsible for this failure. This committee certainly does not represent arts in Second Life, it is a bureaucratic apparatus that is limited to making fake votes about grants, where one member works and the others give themselves self-gratification. It is strange that Linden Lab has accepted this regrettable situation for a long time, this shows how important art is for Linden Lab and for this people.


I think there could be some re-defining, and taking a hiatus is a good first step. There are issues with some of the committee members (and their behavior) that still need to be addressed.
Call-outs were made, but the gears move slowly, I guess?
Many people have kind of lost faith in the committee because of this issue even though LEA and the committee both have some very good, very fair members working really hard for the program too.
I hope there is a restructuring during the hiatus and some of the valid complaints are addressed and ongoing problems resolved. Dissolving the existing committee and limiting the concurrent roles that committee members fill in the future would be a graceful way to give the program a fresh new beginning in 2019. Artists who have finished their grant round might be invited for an advisory term as part of their involvement to mentor new applicants in the following round of grants, to infuse ongoing newness at the administrative level.

About the art and artists: Better categories to balance the applications: collage artists that work with existing SL materials to tell stories or set the stage for any number of types of multimedia art vs someone who makes their own meshes AS the art, for instance...and also defining the categories better might be a good thing to prevent what are basically 'decorating projects with a few dance parties during the run', should those really be considered for a 6-month sim grant under the guidelines of promoting art?
50% or more of the overall work as a whole required to be original might be a better guideline.

Also the traffic/publicity...if you are serious about using a virtual world as a cost-effective alternative to a RL art installation, that's great, it's one of the main reasons for LEA sims to exist. But unfortunately in order to give it proper visibility the same amount and kinds of publicity must be done as for a show in RL and that needs to fall 90% on the artist, to include their publicity plan in their application. University students have to do it for their graduating shows and working artists at all levels need to learn to do it.

If you're just doing your LEA installations largely unpublicized except among your friends, it becomes a vanity project that should not earn priority in a second or 3rd nomination for a sim and I'm kind of seeing some of that at LEA.
We can all see the land traffic numbers. We know who attends these.
We know the repeat people who just basically use the LEA grants like this.
That is also bad for morale, IMO.


Glad I wrote about the hazing and abuse when I saw it happening. Since then, I've gone on to put my work in Art Basel Miami and am sitting on an upcoming mainstream comics assignment. These people bashed me, made me feel worthless, and then implied I was nothing when I threatened to speak up. Karma, eh?

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