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Friday, December 07, 2018


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Aliasi Stonebender

I suspect the reason is it's quite easy to grab something from a public 3D asset store for a baseline human, but most of the furry avatars have to be made wholly from scratch. That doesn't explain all of it, but I suspect it contributes.


Not as far away from the truth probably. As far as i know most human mesh creators don't directly make their own stuff but rather "commission" their models by third party modelers, these modelers obviously not knowing much about Second Life and it's needs. They are then shoehorned into SL. Furry creators as you said need to create their own stuff from scratch for what they are doing, they need to have some knowledge and skill. It does not explain why they are doing it in the first place, they could just ignore optimizing and not give a fuck. They could just do it like any greedy money maker...sadly... luckily they don't.


LL: *allows people to make mesh bodies but doesn't put a limit on the poly upload for them that keeps the game running at a reasonable state*

CREATORS: *makes mesh bodies with any poly count*

LL DEV ON NWN: "Y'all won"


27676 triangles.

So if it would have an additional tattoo layer and a clothing layer and a mask layer, like every mesh body has, it would have 110.000 triangles.

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