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Wednesday, January 30, 2019


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Willliam Burns

April 2006. Active Worlds
Aztec Rising Concert.
I was in charge of VR5 Online at the time.
We had about 98-100 present at the peak.

Video here:

Also we had real world merch available virtually at the venue.

madeline blackbart

I think as mainstream culture and the average person becomes more and more involved in the virtual world we're going to see a lot more of this retreading of old ground being called "new". Things like virtual "influences" and virtual popstars and concerts aren't new to those of us who have been playing in virtual worlds like Second Life but they are to mainstream media and the "average" person. TBH I'm noticing it more and more and it's interesting how what used to be something "misfits and shut ins" did (AKA living a virtual life) is just now becoming commonly accepted. I think years from now even if SL isn't around anymore we'll still see concepts from it integrated into mainstream life.


Most people are too busy doing things in real life nowadays to waste all day online. (Sad Truth)

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