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Thursday, January 31, 2019


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Melissa Yeuxdoux

Thanks; that's lovely work.

Joseph Yura

Fantastic portraits indeed. I like futuristic painting in general. Some days ago, I came across the talks over Deep Dream Generator on forums, but just didn't pay attention to it. Seems quite an exciting tool.

Clara Seller

Boy, I'm struggling with this process and it's definitely affecting my willingness to connect with these images.

I suppose I"m old school or purist. I'm still having trouble with signed Giclée
prints as fine art. Letting a machine drive the concept just freaks me out.

I realize not everyone views art, music, or literature as sacred. Just my thing. I would be much more receptive to letting AI Algorithms into religion. Can we go there, first?


Fantastic portraits.Specially painting of Kendrick is too good.Keep painting and keep posting.

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