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Thursday, January 17, 2019


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Philip might be right but VR Goggles will have to be much smaller and convenient than currently. A lot of people don't even like to wear eye glasses.

sirhc desantis

1) Asked my partner - they said if I tried that I would be sleeping outside.
2) Share a bathroom with cats. Have enough entertainment in there already.
3) You already covered.

(aside - techcrunch == oath so another I avoid where possible. Do still enjoy that GDPR)

madeline blackbart

I think Phil is confusing the use of VR with AR. To do most of the tasks you use your phone with you still need to be able to see the outside world. You wouldn't answer a call on the bus and then block your vision of everything around you would you?no of course not. But you might have a virtual screen popup in a corner of your glasses. AR is more the high tech virtual equivalent to a cellphone. VR is more akin to a desktop or a laptop. It's more useful in scenarios that require heavier work or more immersion (IE having multiple screens open, videogames, fielding help desk calls while researching fixes, flight simulations, ETC.)

Clara Seller

We, as little people, really need to start wanting to own our futures for ourselves and our families. If not, we're going to get some kind of horror-show existence.

One place we might start, is listening to and valuing the opinion of people who have a history of being right.

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