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Wednesday, January 09, 2019


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The grafics and grafics performance in Sansar is much better in comparison to the much moree limited limited performance and grafics performance I get in highfidelity for its grafics.
Vrchat seems lighter and polished in many aspects in relation to both for a good chat.
But not as powerfull as Sansar.

I really would desire a respect toward low end machines, even coming from the next generation.
Vrchat is not really that fine.
But sansar is far ahead in these requirements for the quality grafics it brings to the table!

The limits on sansar are overhelming in many places untill now, but they are opening-up "much slower than I ever imagined."
Finally we can sit. But not pose ball?

I see many good points on new release this year.

The comunity is yet all over Vrchat because they can let you play and explore the fun caotic aspects of human nature, and the growing moe fun with anime characteres.

The bug fixing and scripting seems much more limited in Sansar.
Sansar is so limited and hard to get the Avatar Right, that feels like aa conspiration and abuse.

Being so much real, a caotic grow like in VRchat would probably give headaches in Sansar.
But the hard limits does not avoid people from getting trolled.
With hard limits and enterprises name behind, many people that desire some caotic fun feels not welcome.
And this really sucks.
And people clearly does prefer the poor moderated things on Vrchat and Secondlife.

And please No.

Vr devices is not what is bringing more people in VRchat.
Otherwise, seems the free/fun/caotic comunity in VRchat is creating the interest in adquiring those Full body track VR devices.

Gamer 4 ever

Sansar sucks period.


sansar run like daycare and for babies and users there are in little popular groups who get mollycoddled by owners. new people come and go because special cliques want it to stay small so they can rule with iron fist.
no talking ingame at hub and nothing to do snobs aplenty
vrchat more fun because less rules and mommy and daddy is not watch all time.
angel guy always hovering around like babysitter scolding people
events are for children not adults
second life 2.0 with the way existing group of friends there
yes sansar sucks only for aaa developers to make money and snobby

Patrick Whitley

Sansar is all about their events its been like that for about a month and a half now once again with no growth. The events that are thrown are by a group of chosen members called comets who couldnt make an engaging event if their life depended on it. its mostly events where people sit around campfires and listen to Lacie play her banjo or hang out in the dark emoting to bad EDM music. Even in events everyone is afk, just there to show their loyalty but its boring as hell. who cares if vrchat doesn't look as good, its way more fun at the end of the day for everyoen involved.
I heard some glowing angel winged retard talking about how he wanted it to be the best place for VR events on the webs then i go to next event and they're all running around like two year olds playing hopscotch and cards for humanity and stuff. I mean wow. platform is for babies and I believe it because everyoen there whines and blocks everyone in 2 seconds.


its a bit like a game but you only get the demo but not a lot to do the chat is like the popular crowd at school you just walk away from the in crowd. sorry don't like it

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