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Thursday, January 10, 2019


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There is another app for SL chat/inventory for iOS. I use it now and then, it’s called MetaChat!

Phan Republic

I'm surprised they don't just buy lumiya

Hamlet Au


Noel Loordes

My hope: A client that allows streaming your desktop session to your in-house mobile device over wifi, and obtaining push notifications for events in Local Chat, Groups and IMs. Currently watching a movie on my iPad means becoming unresponsive in SL or logging out. This way, I could be hanging out with friends in SL, without losing the convenience of sitting back with my phone or tablet.

Cloud based streaming services usually don’t have the notifications, and the rendering - which I don’t need to happen off-site - make them prohibitively expensive.

Alan Hanna

Really, can not believe LL are still so behind on SL iOS. Come on already.

Vininie Macchi

I can’t believe this is taking so long!

Jason Bourne

They really screwed the pooch keeping SL tied to PCs. They really need to get into the mobile market and fast before they have no user base left to support them

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