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Tuesday, January 22, 2019


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Zoey Mara

or just maybe a lot of those mobile hits are from people like me going on to my account through mobile to check whose online , check my land, pay my account , ect while im away from home.Im actually on the SL site a lot on mobile for the above reasons and a few more. those numbers dont actually mean ohh we missing new people cause they use mobile. I can almost say a lot of those people from mobile are people like me just checking our accounts. all thought a app for phones would be good , but mostly just for chat cause it will have no where near the graphics and access that you can get on a computer. Not all games are made for mobile actually most arent unless its mobile focused from the beginning but a lot do have companion apps that allow you to chat or mess with your inventory or buy money while away from your computer such as warframe , World of warcraft but those apps dont actually let you play the game on them well because it wouldnt work just like SL in most part wouldn't work , Building would be no existent, doing anything outside of sitting around and talking would be pretty much non existent , it would be a chat app not used by new players but by the exisiting players when away from home so they can keep in contact.

Leonel Morgado

BTW, it's about time NWN allows mobile browsers to resize or reflow the text - it's the only site I visit that imposes desktop resolutions when visited on Android mobile phones.


Visiting the web site is not being in SL. To the best of my knowledge there is not a real viewer for mobile. There was a third party text only one for a while but it was stopped by LL. And you certainly can't visit by YouTube.

Now there is some stuff out there that hasn't fully landed yet to render SL and video games in the cloud making super light weight clients possible. But that is in the future.


BTW, both Firestorm and Singularity viewers work on Linux as well as on Windows and Macs.

sweet valentine

Lumiya is a graphics based mobile...and LL been talking about mobile again

kitty revolver

a mobile marketplace app would be fab

Hamlet Au

"it's the only site I visit that imposes desktop resolutions when visited on Android mobile phones."

Ugh, sorry about that, Leonel! It optimizes for iPhone Safari -- what browser are you using? Able to try Safari on your Android?


I think all the visitors from Youtube supports Zoey Mara's comment that much of the mobile traffic is current users checking on things. It's the type of site that people will be looking at then decide to check who's on SL right now.

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