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Tuesday, January 08, 2019


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daniel Mounsey

Im very keen on knowing how this goes..
I had sl for vr a while back and loved it! I forget the name of the viewer even! Unfortunately with a dk2 sdk update it stopped working! it had terrible fps but i lived with it. It really surprises me it hasn't been a thing. Ive done Sansar, vrchat and numerous worlds and continue to do so but i MISS sl vr so much!Building is simply ..easier. Im not a coder..so all i can do is wait . id be happy to fund such a project!

Ai Austin

The (early) Firestorm based CtrlAltStudio viewer still works to use VR (Oculus Rift) in Second Life and OoenSim but does not incorporare recent uodated features in SL. See http://blog.inf.ed.ac.uk/atate/2016/07/18/testing-ctrlaltstudio-viewer-1-2-6-43412/

Carla Laville

I'd be really interested in this too. I got my Rift headset specifically for running Second Life and literally that week Linden Lab discontinued it.

Adeon Writer

Very interesting. My interest in SL dwindled starting when LL decided to drop support for Oculus DK2, and thus dropped support for VR in general. That was when I realized LL didn't want SL to go in the direction I wanted it to go. Looks like people are trying to do it anyway. Unfortunately, I think they missed the boat now. VR is only special when you can do it with *other* VR users.

John Bottoms

The code is very interesting. It would also be useful to have the .h header files, the terrain and buildings data. Thanks for the posting.


It would good to add the stereoscopic 3D and Kinect 360 support that was in the CtrlAltStudio viewer as well.
The former worked really well until Bento killed it.


Followup on this yet?

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