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Wednesday, February 27, 2019


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That ad describes Strawberry Singh.

Clara Seller

I think Hamlet is definitely correct. They need someone who is going to use the tools to spark some badly needed inspiration. Sorry, but I think it would be really beneficial to try to especially focus on pulling in some male activities audience. I think we've already got the shopping, dress-up, selfie thing down.

CronoCloud Creeggan

I'm with Amanda, that ad basically describes Strawberry Singh or most other long-term fashionista residents. Heck, "I" could do it, except for the fact that I run Linux and don't use Adobe software. (The state of video editing on Linux is..well..a sorry state)

And personally, I think Hamlet and Clara are NOT correct. You want "gamers" or "male activities audence" in gynocentric SL? Do you really think they'd integrate well with the already existing userbase?

Yes, yes, there's lots of things one can do in SL, but the stuff you might think that "gamers" or the "male activities audience might want to do in SL doesn't actually WORK very well in SL. Why try taking part in team based shooting in SL when actual GAMES do it better. While you can fly or drive in SL, the limitations of SL as a platform mean it is not well suited for it as GAMES specifically designed for such things. You might be thinking: "CC is a Fashionista, what does she know about games?"

A bunch of us Fashionistas ARE gamers. We've done singleplayer, MMO's up the wazoo, even tabletop games like D&D. We know games. Heck, NWN had a gaming column in the past that was done by NWN's former Fashoinista associate, Iris Ophelia. But in general we don't do "games" in SL...because SL isn't well suited for them! If we want to play actual games we boot up our PC's/PS4's/Vita's/Switches/3DS's/Xboxes.

And yes, there's regions with varying milieu for roleplayers, but SL as a platform is kludgy and RP regions are hard to sustain in SL without a well-heeled angel bankrolling them.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, LL's better off focusing on the demographics that do take to SL well, and who DO spend money...lots of it. You might think that SL has the "shopping, dress-up, selfie thing" covered, but what if there were even MORE of those people in SL. Reach out to Soccer moms, Gen-X women, Art-school girls, who might not KNOW about how SL does the "shopping, dress-up, selfie thing"

Tara Leigh Sellers

I agree with Clara. I think that it is always important to offer a fresh positive and varied point of view.

Even though I think we have fantastic fashion designers/creators in Second Life, personally there is only so much shopping I can do regularly before it gets boring. Plus not everyone wants to spend money multiple times a week on their avatar.

Bloggers often engage in a work exchange type of interactions with designers. As a non-blogger - shopping in SL can add up, that might not be feasible for everyone.

Plus I think most The SIMS/IMVU players easily find their way to Second Life on their own.

I loved Casja's picks.

What I hear most often is that many people have the visuals of Second Life from 2009. I roleplay in SL and many of the people I online forum rp with have the "bad press" from years ago still in their heads.


I thought LL had the rights to any images created by others in SL. Why dont they just steal what others have made. After all, it is your world but their property.

-S Lang

Clara Seller

CronoCloud Creeggan- I understand your point of view and there is logic in playing to SL's strengths. Your vision, however, makes me want to cry for SL. I want LL and new blood to challenge the platform and bring new expectations that I wouldn't think of. I think men are capable of more than shooting and being an accessory to an event shopping trip. It's not just male influence I want, maybe it's international influence I'd like to see too.

I feel SL has socially settled into a "one note". When I started seeing "backdrops and scenes" being a popular sales item, it felt grievous. It's a freakin' world of living possibilities, not a dead snapshot of things that will never happen. I think it's more likely that LL will follow your advice and take the path of least resistance. In that way, I think you're right.

CronoCloud Creeggan

LL has hired some girly fashion blogger to be their Marketing Content Specialist, she goes by "Strawberry Singh" in SL..... ha ha ha

Amanda and I called it!


Second life started being unattractive to anybody but "fashionistas" and the selfie obsessed when the lag became so bad that you couldn't do anything faster than a snail's pace, which has been the case from the very beginning. Don't we already have instagram/snapchat filters/hair extensions that would fill that need offline without the lag? That's without even mentioning that for a long time SL had a major problem with "sex shops" popping up all over the place including where they were not welcome before Linden finally moved them to their own region resulting in most of SL's users going with it. I'm not even going to get into the prim limits that resulted making it a pointless idea to even buy many of the non clothing products because you couldn't spawn them anywhere but a sandbox anyway. That applies to houses/skyboxes too, many of which were actually free or very cheap. SL was a nice idea in theory, but never in practice.

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