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Tuesday, February 19, 2019


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montecore babcock

Chicken shaped thighs on women's avis has been around for a decade. They were Kim K before she was.

chic aeon

I do think we have lost something over the years. Adventuring isn't as much of an "adventure" as in the old prim days. That has nothing to do with the advent of mesh IMO, but somehow much of the world is very "vanilla" and I am not really a fan of VANILLA - LOL.

Justin Bovington

Hamlet, as you know, I was one of the main exponents of the SL time period 2003-2008. In 2008, we took a different path and worked with Linden Lab to develop an Enterprise based solution. During this earlier time, a very different online world existed. It is easy to lose sight that we heralded user numbers in the 1 million, whereas today, we drop the numbers in billions of users - encompassing vast swaths of the real population of the entire planet. It was a world sans the duopoly of Facebook and Google. It was a simplier time. It was the new frontier. It was fun.

From the commercial perspective, the brands of that period were all rushing to take 'first footer' advantage and see if there was any real value in engaging online communities. Not just SL, there was a lot going on. Again, it was a time of experimentation and exploration, for everyone. We didn't even have the vernacular to formulate a language of communication.

An inner versus the outer world: Your example of Kim Kardashian (KK) could be seen as a wonderful nod to the unique Second Life aesthetic - you can but not see the Second Life avatar. The interesting thing, correct me if I am wrong, the whole KK campaign existed outside of the actual Second Life environment. The image is meta and was used within Instagram to promote pop up environments in real life location? Therefore, what a wonderful recognition to the relevance of SL as a vibrant creative hub, right now and today.

Looking back to 2006, we had similar projects with Calvin Klein, No.7 and also Stella McCartney. In each case, we built on the understanding of what actually had an impact. In these three cases, we used SL as a 'TV studio' and created machinima type experienced and 'amplified' in YouTube (and in one case TV and Cinema advertising slots). It was one of the first cross-platform social media projects. Previously, we have created experience directly within SL's world. In 2008+ the exponential growth of social media moved the conversation in a different direction for brands.

Second Life was a pioneer, it set the precedent for a lot of what is happening today. For good and bad.

Surely, this entire time, which as Alek's touches on in her podcast, was the time of 'first contact'? I have had recent experience of hearing our SL experiences retold differently, it is almost as if, mythology is rising from that time and people are telling their own stories from snapshots of the truth. Fascinating stuff, a new form of digital storytelling handed down to the next generation. A digital campfire tale.

Saying all this, it is a testament to Second Life's enduring appeal to survive the dizzy timeline of other social media's rise and fall. Close to 17 years and still going strong. Long may SL continue. It holds a very special place in my heart.

sirhc desantis

Kim who?

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