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Thursday, February 14, 2019


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Oh man, I can totally relate! A couple years ago I hunkered down and tackled the task that was cleaning out my inventory, which had climbed to about 88,000 items. I've been a user since January 2010 and only sparsely deleted items along the way. Surprise, surprise, my objects cover was/is the biggest contender, and I never really finished cleaning that out, either. \( ._.)/
I'm down to ~55,000 now and I continue to clean out my inventory, deleting old ugly newbie packs and hairs, old LL skins, unused jewelry, the works. Maybe I'll try the KonMarie method next time I log on to tackle that task!

CronoCloud Creeggan

KonMarie method is heresy that goes against all that is right and good in SL....the acquisition of inventory. Inventory must always increase, never decrease, such is the Fashionista way of things.

Beolas Whitfield

136.000 items here - as a builder and designer it is not easy to lower your inventory, because you create and create and create version by version and new items any day. As long as my Avatar is able to carry all of this around with him - no problem...

Pamela McConach

Currently, at 261,380 items =\ I have tried to clean out my inventory over the years but as I keep buying new crap, I never seem to make any headway. I have developed a system to organizing things that seems to work alright, though my search skills have to be on point to find anything in particular.

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