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Tuesday, February 05, 2019


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I could start by saying no they weren't first at any of that. But I think there is something deeper here. I have heard this from Second Life friends before. And I have had this argument before. And had fun showing them that they were wrong. But this is deeper. Maybe it has something more to do with a community of people. In a hobby that most people look down at. Outkast wasting their lives. Or losers that had nothing better to do with their lives. Now seeing the possibilities that they're happy might be going mainstream. Wanting to use this resurgence of interest in Virtual Worlds to make themselves look like trendsetters. Like I said earlier Second Life did not come up with anything new. And I do not see in fortnight a bunch of freaks in furry avatars trying to virtually simulate sex acts. Second life never made it because second lifers were a bunch of losers that couldn't figure out life and use Virtual Worlds as a way to hide. This new Resurgence is gamers gamifying what Second Life pissed on.


I agree that news outlets shouldn’t call them firsts but there’s something to be said about the scale of these endeavors. We also shouldn’t ignore the quality of the modes and environment. SL was never going to be appealing to a wider audience with such outdated graphics. Everything old is new again.


Thank you for the article, great one.

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