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Monday, March 25, 2019


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My lay person understand is that LL has to use the DMCA process or they could lose their safe harbor and become liable for content theft. Maybe someone out there who handles this kind of thing professionally can tell us more.

Mike Danielsen

The texture thrashing problem has been with us for 16 years and 3rd party viewers have allowed more graphics memory than the 512M that the SL viewer has been stuck at since the beginning. My graphics card supports 11G of graphics memory but the SL viewer still holds me back to this ancient limit. Textures go crazy blurring and unblurring all the time even though I have a high end computer. Can anyone fix this problem. It has been talked about for years. And I am beginning to think that LL does not have any one capable of fixing it


The answer to most questions about technical improvement to Second Life, especially those that involve user created content and how it's rendered, is usually a no or otherwise resistance from Linden Lab on grounds of technical debt and not wanting to break old content.

It's too late to ask, but a good question to Linden Lab would be, at what point are the possibilities of new, better looking, better functioning, and more attractive to modern audience content worth more than stuff in our inventory from 2012 or before?

The internet is used to having old features deprecated and then taken away to usher in the new. Why is Linden Lab so religious about content from 2006 still working today when often it means falling even more behind your peers in tech?

Because of this devotion to not breaking olds things, Second Life will never again be apart of GDC or other trade shows that're about evolving with and pioneering new tech in rendering and simulated experiences. Linden Lab would probably be ashamed showing off Animesh and how it works to a room full of creatives at whatever gathering you met with Ebbe at, and the reason for that shame is Linden Lab religiously embracing technical debt and backwards compatibility to stuff creators are desperately hacking around and trying to get rid of.

The excitement from Linden Lab announcing a new rendering engine for texture artists, custom uploadable skeletons/rigs for animators, a modern well-known scripting language for programmers, etc., would far outweigh whatever old things that need to go.

Yes, you'll be destroying old things in people's inventory that they paid for a really long time ago, but again why should Second Life be the hold out on the internet in not breaking old things? There's apps I've paid hundreds for in 2008 that don't work anymore, dozens of video games 10 years ago that have all sorts of issues that I don't expect to work anymore due to their age. Old stuff working isn't a religion outside of Linden Lab, so why should it be within?

There'd be backlash to breaking old content to enable new kinds of content, but that backlash is defeated by making what's gained way better than what's lost.


Last Friday I had a long, fascinating, occasionally testy talk with Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg, and plan on posting the video later this week.

What happened? Where is the video?

Wagner James Au

Just posted it!




I have never heard about this before but it sounds interesting.

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