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Wednesday, March 20, 2019


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Ephemera Crawford

... those textures look like ActiveWorlds, many years ago. SL is like a VRML hobby toy now, it's so far behind graphically. I'm a bit sad.

But that's okay - I had many happy years there. And I wait for this generation's version of an open creative world with great interest.

camilia fid3lis nee Patchouli Woollahra

The key here is EXPERIMENTATION - nobody seriously expects a one-man designer to churn out a item that both looks good and works good. it's either one or the other unless bits of it are outsourced via the use of imported scripts and mesh from other Residents.

This clock was never intended to look graphically great - you want great graphics, there are a lot of other SL setups that make more sense within the limitations of SL's lower system requirements.


That's really an amazing job and an interesting post. Now that SL seems more focused on virtual selfies and appearance, these ingenious wonders are perhaps even less common, but sometimes physical experiments and machines were seen being built on sandboxes too.
They tend to fall apart though, so you have to build them accurately and large enough, because the engine isn't so precise and too small pieces would end up stuck / intersect/ fly away.
This clock is outstanding and if you click on the miniature next to the actual clock, she provides her previous works from the 2008 SL6B (they are inside the notecards). Physics has been changed by LL in the past years, as she said, so expect some malfunctioning, but they are still quite fascinating.


Really amazing and a lot of fun to um, well blow up! (warning, parts rain everywhere)
Highly recommended for learning and mayhem all in one!
Thank you, Emi!
Hamlet this is the kind of SL article that I like most, makers doing stuff.

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