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Friday, March 22, 2019


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Yadleen (Clara Mayef)

I noticed that a lot of things that have been announced last year are now available. One thing seems to be "got lost". It's very quiet about the possibility to choose a second name for the "Resident" avatars. Is that cancelled - or can we hope to see it this year?


When searching for anything in inventory, say you type in couch, every folder in inventory opens that has the word couch in it. Objects, Textures, landmarks etc. The inventory window is not large enough to accommodate, even the most modest of inventory size, to see all that would be found in said search. It would be much easier to navigate our inventories if when searching for an item, only folders that contain the word couch are displayed. I know about the collapse folders option is available but when you delve into inventory as much as I do, it would be a great time saver. Maybe a should keyboard action HotKey Option could be made available if the above request is not possible to close all folders in inventory upon initiating the first search.

Todd Adams

Ask him

when can we get more land for less price?

More prims per parcel?

Why can't they clean up abandoned land so it doesn't look like a trailer park?

Why can't we have a modernized prim system that allows for more constructive modelling and voxel terrain editing? IOW, make Second life on par with many of the dozens of games and systems that it is competing with for attention?

In the older days, people would stand around and watch other people build things. They would have conversations and learn to build together. With the arrival of sex toys and mesh, that is all basically gone.

It was the community that made Second Life to enthralling. Now it's just a cesspool of deviant behaviour.

*etter then *zra

Ask Uncle Ebbe, after 6 years of talk are they ever going to upgrade the terrain textures on the mainlands!?..I bet they could find resident volunteers to offer the textures and work at no cost.

Also why are they trying to no longer make moving to the cloud a big deal for residents to be informed of? has the project been downgraded in scope.

Also what about work on upgrading the SL rendering system..can we see it in the future taking advantage of more CPU cores now that most entry level ones are 4 and above.


*etter then *zra

p.s. will we ever be able to gift premium membership to friends? also why not add an optional cool badge to premium members profiles for those who want to show their love.

Any new profile features coming?

Chic Aeon

No question but I will be very interested to hear something "new" from the conversation. Good luck there :D.

angelwh M.

A validity certificate can be added to the profile. example "creator certified" builder "etc with certificate covalida that they respect the requisite from you required to be it?
It is possible to have more protection for those who create content on the Second Life platform, in addition to the "DMCA" document, a quick, instantaneous alternative method, Example: Photo proof of who commits a violation, name of an account that commits an infringement, and sending, that only a creator content have the advantage of using?

Clara Seller

I, for one, am terribly excited about angelwh M's creator police state idea. Is there a way we could empower certified content creators to deliver capital punishment to suspected violators?

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