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Tuesday, March 12, 2019


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Summer Haas

Interesting. I imagine what will happen is the vocal minority will push extremist views and everyone else who doesn't really care will just leave. Then those remaining in the end will claim their political system works great because everyone is happy with it. They should have named the game Echo Chamber Simulator.


where I think this will probably go the way of pretty much every other world/game effort to date, is that the starting philosophical premise is fundamentally libertarian

that given a flat earth then people will co-operate, from which a more altruistic society will arise

Second Life, Rust, Fortnite, etc for example, and now Seed are all predicated on this premise. In these games/worlds the enemy is the other players. The environment is set up to induce that.

I think that if the goal of the creators is to create a gameplay mechanism to foster altruism through co-operation then it would be better for the starting environment to be quite tyrannical and orwellian in its design. That the only way to "win" the game is to co-operate with the other players. The more co-operation there is the greater the win rewards

the enemy being the the game and not the other players. Evil empires and all that

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