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Tuesday, March 12, 2019


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Jacques Mesrine

/me compares that type of bollocks to a party celebrating the biggest celebrity on earth these days: the notorious donald john trump.


the real world UK is not going anywhere on March 29.

there will be an extension. There will be a a 2nd referendum. If the 2nd says the same as the 1st then the UK will leave. Its 2-nil and can't say fairer than that. Like cricket.

If the 2nd referendum says Remain, then the UK will go for 2 out of 3.

Its what British people do. Its not only quintessentially British to be fair (at least to each other), but to also be seen to be fair.

and the EU people will allow the British people to play this all out.

it will drive some people nuts if it does go to a 3rd Test but well that's cricket and UK people love their cricket

Jacques Mesrine

I presume that there won't be a 2nd Ref, unfortunately. "Unfortunately" as the former Brexshit-Propagandists like B. Johnson and that UKIP-Twat + former head of UKIP, who's a also a Member of European Parliament, collecting money from the EU, already left the Titanic.

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