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Monday, March 18, 2019


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agree with Cindy. Bumping pixels gets a bit uninteresting after a while

and agree with how Cindy deals with people wanting to explore the sex. Tell them which tick options and keywords to use in Search

Adeon Writer

I came for creating & community and left cuz the cybersex


I came for the building, and then I found pixel sex. Now, I build, I socialize and I still like pixel sex but it is a lot of typing. :)

Han Held

The first things I explored were related to pixel sex, the first "a-ha's" I had about building, were related to pixel sex.

Then I became a kid avi and ignored pixel sex for years and years and built

Now I'm bored with the whole lot and bounce between pixel sex and building and being social -but I can multitask so typing isn't so much of a problem. :-P

Noirran Marx

I think people need to stop being coy about the adult aspect of Second Life. There are adults in Second Life, they enjoy doing adult things. Get over it. With 2 seconds of effort you can also find amazing sims to explore, art, zombie hunting, roleplay, communities to socialize, new music, land, decorating, board games, live music, sailing, and everything else out there on the grid. But of course, continue to focus on the more salacious aspects.

Mokekvim Lomimqum

I came for something, left cuz of the lag and endless empty sims. I think I saw some people having sex, but they were all AFK.

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