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Tuesday, March 26, 2019


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Willliam Burns

I think they said everything they needed to say in their answers.

They indicate that MMO isn't popular in the west, but go on to say "games" and indicate that a use case like Second Life would be a "maybe".

This is really all you need to know.

It's not the MMO that's the problem it's the open world sandbox they aren't able to apply to their system that is the problem.

Thats why it isn't popular. It's not the end users being fickle, it's the company unable to apply their technology in a manner that resonates with the end user.

In this manner, Dual Universe has the clearest path to this end goal at the moment.

Especially since they are showing 30,000 agents in a high fidelity test (not low fidelity). Where Improbable hits a brick wall, DU is already climbing well above that.


I disagree that the problem is their technology being unable to adapt to the market. The market could very well utilize their technology if they wanted and the only reason he doesn't know if it would work in second life is because it was build for unity and unreal engine in mind, so unless they actually have knowledge of the second life codebase they simply don't know how much work it would be to adapt to their codebase.
I don't know about the east but here in the west MMOs are generally considered to be around 10 years behind in gaming technology, their very basic from a gameplay and quality perspective. On the other hand we have a bunch of high quality session based games. When it comes down to it quality and gameplay is the backbone of the games and MMOs are severely lacking in those areas. If they could pull off that same quality in a single shard in a way where the large number of players doesn't feel out of place I'd expect it to do just as well.
As with all games though, it really is difficult to predict success.
Now I'm thinking back in the day the game EDF was part of a series of shovelware games which were made on a low budget, but it was the most successful. They have since created a franchise off of it. Makes me wonder if created a bunch of low quality games in order to find a target audience is still a viable option these days with such a focus on fidelity.

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