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Tuesday, April 09, 2019


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AR will have to be in a more invisible format before it catches on like smart phones. It's maybe at the Apple Newton stage and has a long way to go.

Whatever they develop to give us VR it will be a tool used when full immersion is desired. For many things a keyboard, mouse and screen are more effective (even if they are delivered through some form of AR).

Society will change but it always changes. It's changed a great deal in the last 40 years with smart phones, starting with cell phones installed in cars and voice pagers to the most modern iPhones and Android phones today. Think of predictions of the future at early 20th century World Fairs. Where's my flying car?

Society will continue to change in surprising ways we can't predict due to our bias of living in our own time and place.


in the vid interview with Ebbe you asked about screen vs headsets in Sansar. He said its in 75/25 in favour of screens. That the 25 are pretty much doing social and hanging out. The 75 are exploring and working

The counter-social idea that the photo of the parent and child tries to convey just doesn't happen like that with headsets/game controllers/headphones,etc, unless both parent and child are playing in the same game together. When the parent is not playing and needs or wants to share with their child something else then its drop the headphones/controller/tablet/device and pay attention to me please. That's how social works. In the same way when family are all in their own rooms playing separately on whatever. Headset walls and bedroom walls, same thing


"Do You Want A Future Where Family Members All Wear AR/VR HMDs, Alone Together In The Same Room?" ---- Have we not, most of us, already seen the following:
* A train full of people looking at their phones
* A room full of family members and friends looking at their phones
* Any large public area full of people looking at their phones
* Cafés full of people looking at their phones
I have seen, first hand, a breakfast table for 4 at a beach resort where every single one of the family (parents and 2 children) were glued to their phones. No one was talking to anyone else. Your future is already here.


@Jane. Exactly. I know a young couple who will text each other from across the the room in their home. They just had a kid. That kid will grow up in a home where everyone sees the world through the screen of their phone.

sirhc desantis

@Jane, well on the train front yep - its great. Peace and quiet without all the weirdos wanting to start a 'conversation'. Ditto public places and cafes - there to do something so not the slightest bit interested in some rando wanting to chat inanities :) The more people in these places are distracted and not bugging me - the better.
As for the home front - not a lot of difference there from when our unit shared a 'living room' with one adult watching the idiot box, one knitting and kids engaged in - other things.
As Ford once mused on humans 'If they don’t keep on exercising their lips, he thought, their brains start working.' Spot on, I always thought.

Philip Rosedale

Agree about eye contact. Interesting to note, though, that the next-gen AR devices (I've used them) will be like normal glasses where you can very clearly see the other person's eyes. Meaning that, for families, they are potentially a lot better for eye contact than the phone. I will be able to look right at you while playing a game or something - occasionally smiling and making eye contact with you, for example.

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