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Friday, April 05, 2019


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It would have been interesting to hear his response about a future viewer not based on openGL, something along the lines of Vulcan so sl can be shifted away from 1 Cpu Thread/core, to multi threaded and Vulcan to rely more on the gpu.
Heck even just a multi thread update to the viewer would do a massive performance increase. It would be a expensive long project for them but it really needs to happen and would solve so many issues.

Clara Seller

I watched the entire interview without fast-forwarding. The highlight, for me, was the background architecture. I found the setting very beautiful and Zen. You know all of us who have contributed a lot of money to SL, over the years, have helped make that magical place possible. It's something to feel good about.

It's ironic that I walked away feeling the world that Ebbe is living in is more full of imagination and fantasy than Second Life. In Second Life, you have to be blind to not see blatant decline and hope leaking out of the cracks. In Ebbe Life, you get more choices in what you feel like looking at.

Wagner James Au

It's a cool office! The top floor and bottom floor have low ceilings which might tweak some, not to mention the mandatory Silicon Valley open office environment. But if the Lindens still have nerf gun battles, it's a really great FPS map. :) I took lots of photos on another visit:



Looks more like a survivor than a CEO with a vision. But that's what SL is, marooned without a future.

Chic Aeon

Good interview. I had to turn ALL my sound volumes up to maximum (that's three sliders) and normally I have things more in the mid level --- just a technical bit of feedback.

My only exception to what was said was about content from SL porting over to Sansar. Ebbe (who doesn't work in 3D modeling *wink*) made it sound like a couple of clicks and you have a Sansar model ready to put in the STORE. In practice there are quite a few changes that need to be made for Sansar -- size, larger textures for many items, joining items into a single model (that has a new work around feature just lately) and lots of little technical differences that are NOT spoken about until a new user (Chic waves hand wildly thinking back) has to ask what the hell is going on via DISCORD.

Happily many folks in the DISCORD building channel are helpful and so eventually creators work out their workflow. BUT it would easily take me a whole day to make all the changes needed in a fairly complex house -- and I am not all that slow. It is actually MUCH easier to build FOR Sansar and then "port" back to SL.

Just don't want folks to get the idea that it is as simple as he made it sound.


Really good to hear I have been to the town meetings but this is the good news.


Cannot wait (waiting already since 2009!!!) for the iOS app! Hopefully very soon it finally arrives!


Great interview. Altberg is always a straight-shooter and this doesn't disappoint. In the midst of so much success, we're fortunate to get this opportunity to hear about the treasure chest of exciting features and cutting-edge technologies he's rolling out for us to feast upon. The carousel never stops.


Ebbe touched upon a key point in his comparison of a virtual world to a government. The last thing he wants to do is get involved in the mess of co-coordinating resources to improve the experience of so many diverse factions. That would be incredibly hard work and require an unforgivable amount of wasted energy devoted to the needs of unimportant revenue sources. A good leader knows that a goal, such as endless war or endless development, provides a much easier model to redirect resources to while transforming people's expensive needs into a much more economical rally for hope. I honestly don't know what customers expect a few hundred a month is going to buy them. A future? It's almost laughable how little people think.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

Users will indeed do what users do--give us the information we need to do the right thing. Builders should create an organization that does for Second Life what Underwriters Laboratories does for appliances. Give them the power, if they don't have it already, to set an upper bound on complexity of things it will render.

On the other end, document good practices for builders, so they have no excuse.


Great interview and the features coming "within weeks" sounds pretty interesting if he refers to the ones that are worked on since quite a while (bake on mesh, EEP, name changing etc). Meanwhile there is a new LL homes continent that's being built between Sansara and Jeogeot, likely connecting them, which would be awesome: in theory you could fly from the gulf up to Heterocera and sail somewhat too (the 2 sims wide channel departing from Jeo looks promising).

Indeed user-generated content is often poorly optimized. E. Altrberg: "Users are going to do what users are going to do." Right, except if the "land impact" was seriously based on the the amount of trianges AND the total texture size in Mb, now users would optimize their items for that, rather than for a somewhat meaningless number. Fewer people would experience low framerates, texture trashing and crashes. I have a good gaming machine, but that's not an excuse to be lazy: games that requires better hardware usually offer more, while in SL now you need more to have the same and even less, just because somebody doesn't care and rather would tell others to get a better computer. Yes, raising awareness helps only a little and indeed users do what they do, that's why your land impact needs to make sense.
You can hardly change that now, nobody would be happy if their items get returned because of a LI increase. You can't even leave it the same, more or less, and give a bonus reducing the LI for the optimized things, because it's plenty of 1 LI items that are already a disaster with insane textures and triangles.
Thinking of a previous article, if by any remote hypothetical chance, LL would make an experimental grid that lets go the legacy stuff (or continent in the current grid: people would more likely go and stay in a grid where other people are) it would be great if they could calculate the LI in a way like that.

sirhc desantis

Normally I am of the 'text or it never happened' camp but as it was your ser Au - and yeah up the sound.
Overall I got 'we have a working product and we don't know why or how'. Not a bad thing to take away. And yes around 4 minutes where Adult != pervo - nailed.
The throw away point on team members being on board an average of seven years - wow I feel old haha:)
Sansar stuff.. well there I glazed over a bit. Went once and it was closed. Bit like Wales.
Well the talking about assets was fun =^^=
More of this ser Au but better sound and keep it to 15 minutes. Also those complaining about the offices? Nice work places are the cheapest way to keep talent. Long term cost is fuck all compared to keeping people.

Bett*r then E*ra

@sirhc... Ebbe Life is going to be the wordpress of offices. =)


You could have titled this, ¨Send in the Clown.¨

Soda Sullivan

Wow, a really great interview. Well done Wagner. A shame that so many comments are about the video itself and the building you were sitting in rather than what was said. Some observations:

1. Poor Ebbe. I went back and double checked and he had pretty dark hair when he started and it looks like LL has turned him grey!

2. You sure did jump on the "adult" stuff early. Worth talking about maybe, but certainly not top of the list. No offense, but I think Ebbe has a better perspective on it that you Wagner. There are some NIGHTMARISH things you can fin in SL if you really want to and dig a little but by far what is going on on all those "adult" sims is nothing one would classify as adult or obscene.

3. I think the SL ap for the phone sounds like a terrific idea. I think what most people want to do on their phone involving SL (messages, payments, shopping) would not really require a full 3d view.

4. I laughed at how quickly Ebbe seemed to blow off the whole Sansar is mainly for VR concept. "yeah we kind of said that....."

5. I think a lot of people would be surprised to know that the vast majority of LL employees are working on Second Life. SO many in world "experts" are constantly claiming otherwise

6. If he really wants to fix the mesh body problem, he is totally wrong and LL needs to step in soon. Maybe not as a dictator but certainly in an official capacity to lay down some ground rules AND share some knowledge and expertise.

7. If LL would lower its land significantly, it DOES have other revenue streams that it could increase and still be quite competitive. Land is stupid expensive, but many other things are far too cheap. And,as always, LL has to learn to make a premium account worth something. It still is not really there yet.

8. I think we are lucky to have Ebbe running things. I WISH you had asked him what I feel is the most important question of all: how much time do you spend in world? Ebbe seems to really understand the two products. He understands what the problems/issue are and he knows where he wants the products to be and they are trying to figure out how to get there. I liked that he looked you straight in the eye and said "I think it is possible". He clearly believes it.

9. Has LL ever thought of hiring a civil engineer to look at SL? I really think their are aspects of SL where someone who has built/ran a large municipality could actually be of great help.

10. One simple way Ebbe and LL could draw in more users of the type they are looking for is to simply do more of what he just did. Ebbe is as good if not better than Phillip at representing and promoting and explaining SL. He, and a few others maybe with him, need to be much more visible to the world.

11. Nice socks dude.

Autistic _Robot

Who is giving this guy his data? He's wrong on so many levels. I'm inside second life seeing for myself.

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