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Monday, April 08, 2019


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I've been positive about the future of SL since I first joined in November 2006. Sansar isn't even on my radar. I tried it when it first opened but there is no reason for me to go back.

sirhc desantis

Other, indeed. Still think you should have split the two up but whatever.
Still positive about SL as well, but you would have to define 'future'.

Sansar? Tried it a couple of times but still not enough there to rise above a generic 'meh'. Even reading the stuff over on the SL forum reinforces that when some well known creators have report back 'tried it, got p'd off with it for reasons including (cashout/functionality/breakage of existing )', fun for a while, might go back'. I gave up on the 'official' Sansar thingie ages ago, same as trying to find any useful documentation - sorry Lab, ain't going to get 16 years worth of user generated wiki stuff with nothing to bother playing with, let alone people. So not sure if more 'meh' counts as unchanged quantitatively.


I feel more optimistic about SL. Optimistic enough to come back and have another serious go at it. Serious meaning put my own money in.

Signed up again for a premium account earlier this year. So +1 from me in terms of a tangible vote.

Sansar is not really on my radar yet. I go and have a look now and again, but like was said in the vid I tend to be one of them virtual world wanderers. Wander about all over the virtual worlds/games/spaces/places and see what is. SL will always be my home though.

What was said by Ebbe Linden in the vid about how he sees SL pretty much reassured me that I haven't wasted my money


I feel optimistic that they will not nuke their only source of revenue in the foreseeable future. I'm still a twinkle apprehensive because their arsenal still feels like it's pointed at us in SL, even though they're not publicly flaunting contempt these days. That was a big whoopsy on Ebbe's part, but with a blue pill and a good coat of shellac, I'm starting to see how a 5 to 3 personnel division between a multi-million dollar company and a carp farm makes sense. Is he showing us how big those pond fishes are getting in that second picture?

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