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Friday, April 26, 2019


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I was wondering when you were going to cover the new Linden Homes, they're pretty nifty.

Chic Aeon

To be CLEAR since even I was pretty confused by your post :D --- the just out LINDEN security devices were made and distributed in the house and houseboat rezzers (mailboxes and life preservers) primarily because ban lines and PERSONAL security orbs were recently outlawed.

There were numerous problems with folks that were trying to boat and fly (and likely even bike as I ran into some issues) with the sometimes overly obnoxious and far reaching (64 meters when we have 32 meter plots) security systems that were being used by some residents.

Many folks weren't terribly happy to lose their ban lines and fancy orbs and outcries were heard loudly in the forums. Hence the new Linden security systems.

These are NOT mandatory, but optional. Personally I am very happy with the demise of all that privacy guarding stuff even though I am big on Internet privacy. I do think it would have been less disruptive if The Lab would have foreseen the problem (many of us did) and had made the CURRENT rules the original rules.

Those complaining that they gave up their mainland parcels to move and then have the covenant changed after the fact do have a legitimate complaint IMO. Still, I am PERSONALLY thrilled.


I'm okay with this solution, but I wish the security system wasn't 5 LI! Every prim is at a premium on a parcel this small.


thank you for this post!!

Adeon Writer

Did you even cover the new linden homes?

They do one amazing thing per year and it doesn’t get covered

Very Cherry

RThanks for reminder, it's time to abandon my land I forgot was still being charged to my credit card. not sure how i fell into the real life car payments pricing for make believe land, oh' well we were all young at some point.


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