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Tuesday, April 23, 2019


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sirhc desantis

See no problem with this at all - the <1K a month is interesting (to say the least) and would really showcase a diverse selection but try to get 2 people to agree on what is 'optimised' ;)

Admission - been finally badgered in to learning that rigging nonsense for a project so might even get back in to retail myself..

(And on that 70% figure. C'mon, that was 2011 and you still haven't said who the 'credible source' was. Didn't we read that the average staffer now is around for 7 years? So chances are they have moved on so go on - tell us who it was ...)

Clara Seller

How do you turn a Strawberry from sweet to sour in two quick steps?

Make her last name Linden and have her start promoting favorites on official Lab channels.

Strawberry Singh was a beloved fashion goddess.Strawberry Linden is a SL bureaucrat. The last thing she or LL needs to do is ignite a firestorm in that viciously competitive little mine field of body enhancement/fashion. Any gains LL could possibly hope to make will be offset ten times in blood. Ratings? Gross Sales? Optimization? Help the up-and-coming creators? We're talking fashion. There's nothing rational or sensible about it.

Isabelle Cheren

I actually don't think Linden Lab should get involved in promoting any commercial content from its users. Why? Because then it does become heavily embroiled in issue and frankly if there is any legal issues with content within Second Life, that Linden Lab go on to then promote it then puts them at a huge disadvantage possibly legally as well.
I think Linden lab should continue to support artistry etc but not get involved in commercial activity of its residents as that may prove to be a huge conflict of interest.
Continue to promote events which are aimed at charity, etc but not in any actual commercial activity which would possibly make them be seen to be favouriting or at risk of appearing to gain from it.

There are many ways Linden Lab can promote but without putting themselves at risk.
These are my thoughts anyhow.

Kira Balestra

It really is a good idea, but honestly I do not think it could get to a good conclusion, the rational point of many people (including myself) is quite irrational, although it is a contradiction, but it is reality, a part of the people are going to to be always looking for problems and problems, and I think that it would become a conflict of interests that could harm many designers and creators.

What really LL, should worry much more seriously, is to radically eliminate all the amount of copybotter products that still exist, especially in the Marketplace, that is still a big plague that harms both creators and buyers

That is still a real problem, it does not matter if you report false items in MP, they are still there and dozens and dozens more, every day :( to finish with that, it would already be a big difference and help for many creators and buyers of SL, I think that if it's a big pending task for LL.


I posted what I did because I wasn't really getting what else a content influencer actually does other than post about product/content in a friendly conversational way. Which I just assumed was user-generated content because Strawberry Singh

It may be though that the product for Strawberry Linden is SL as a whole, Sansar too, LL itself even. Like how can LL better use viral influence to market the company and its products. That could work, Strawberry now Linden is a pretty smart cookie when it comes to the whole viral influence thing

I still like your idea about LL promoting stuff from creators who make quality performant products. Can waste a lot of money, when we users really only have each other to guide us in product selection

Like I was looking for a mesh strap for my neko tail. Saw one full-perms on MP. 200L. No demo. But a rave review from another user. Take a chance and buy. Really lovely to look at. 272 LI. Oh! man lol 200L down the drain :)

Soda Sullivan

This sounds like a great idea on paper. And in a perfect world it might be a good idea. But this is Second Life. A place where LL makes the effort to revamp their premium housing and launches a whole new continent and people largely get out the pitchforks and torches and complain that they did not do enough. The blowback on something like this would be more trouble than any benefit is worth.

It would also be pretty pointless to identify user content in images and articles going out to people who are looking in from outside of SL, which is what I believe is the idea here. (Not to reach out to SL users to but to reach outside of LL and draw people into Second life and Sansar.) That person will not care where the hair on the avi in the photograph came from

Dekka Raymaker

I believe SL did promote SL content at one time, the furniture made by Anshe Chung, how did that work out for her. I remember the furniture was rather dull.

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