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Tuesday, April 16, 2019


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Mondy Bristol

I think everyone knew we need someone like Strawberry. They should have hired her a long time ago.


A thing that the LL should reconsider is to allow the LL marketing team to provide marketplace and/or inworld shop links to the stuff that appear in the pics and vids blog posts

A big reason why content-influence blogs are popular is because of the links to where the readers can get the stuff shown. Not just in SL but in the real world as well. Some well-known person wears something and the next day the shops are full of people wanting that garment

LL do this with regions already, with Destinations, so it is not totally alien for them to do this with stuff

Some people who create/sell stuff are not going to want LL to do this, when their stuff is not included or when they are included but feel guilty at being promoted when others are not. However, the base purpose of a content influencer is to drive sales overall, to lift the economy

When the base purpose is only to provide nice pics and helpful information to the users then LL have already done that - the Torley Linden experience. Torley made lots of helpful and pics/vids/tuts which while fun, entertaining and informative had little influence on driving content sales to the point where it affected economic growth

Another thing is that when read Strawberry's blog and take out all the posts referencing stuff that we can get from the SL shops then there is not a lot left, relatively speaking. My advice to LL is to let Strawberry Linden continue to do her thing, post about stuff that she likes and where we can get it. And for LL to not think that a new strawberry-flavoured Torley-like-LL-restrained experience is going to make any more difference to sales than the Torley experience did

And to let the other Lindens link to the stuff they like on their blog posts also. For the exact same reason. Where can I, the user, buy what I am looking at?

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