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Tuesday, May 21, 2019


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Soda Sullivan

The is really sad news. It has been a breathtaking totally immersive experience. With the Linden Endowment in ashes, LL really need to put something back together to help support artists like ChouChoue that just want to create something that does not involve a yard sale.


Their "Memento mori" cathedral, there, is one of the most amazing creations in Second Life. You can also climb the secondary stairs, many stairs in a dreamy atmosphere, and almost reach the big bell. "Islamey" is beautiful too.
It would be a pity if Chouchou couldn't be preserved.
I hope it could be saved as LL did with the SS Galaxy cruise ship (the giant one that takes 3 regions).


It would be great if this can be preserved. That said, nothing in SL is permanent. Art in SL is most comparable to live stage productions. Beautiful but temporary. When it's over it's a memory. A favorite can be re-staged but it's always different from the original.


The problem is Linden Lab Sim / Land prices 300 dollars a month to have access to 1 server is a lot of money when there are a many people in the world that don't make 300 dollars per month of minimum wage i actually don't know any other Video Game that charges so much per month . when you can rent a high specs VPS for about 200 dollars a month with 16 cores , that's 16 Sims basically so you do your math ! unfortunately and as usual the problem is called Greed :)

rikutojam resident

Thank you for taking up this topic.
I read a forum about Chouchou,
Love to Chouchou which people wrote in.
That BBS showed importance of ChouChou for people of Secondlife.

ChouChou isn't just a SIM.
A building in ChouChou is not Just a building.
It is a great work of art.
It is the "virtual historical heritage"
ChouChou continued giving much inspiration to the resident who loved art.and
Chouchou gave quiet peace and music for the person who seeks healing
The pain that people have.
Bereavement with the beloved person whom they met in SL .
when someone was hurt in reality society and Second life.
When tired. When despaired. When want to sleep calmly.
When want to observe one's inside
They go to ChouChou to heal a wound in stillness.

If demolish it. It is a big loss of Second Life.

Nowadays when much Metaverse and social games are closed down.
The point that Second life makes a clear distinction from other games.
It's a " player living in the world that players created".
it's imply high flexibility and the possibility that the imagination is realized.
So please don't cut off our Utopia...

Gregg Joseph Wanciak

This is heartbreaking news. I loved taking new people to ChouChou as a striking example of what SL could be all about.

I'm in agreement that Linden Labs charges too much for land. They have no vision whatsoever. A bunch of game developers who can't seem to perceive that SL has never been a game. If it can't be monetized, it's tossed aside. If it costs too much, it's ignored.


Chic Aeon

For those interested, Patch Linden recent wrote on the forums that the sims can be added to the Preservation Society. Source here: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/437291-we-want-chouchou-sim-in-sl/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-1903931


Linden Lab never understood artists and their impact because they are comprised of mental incompetents.

nuff said

rikutojam resident


Since additions to the Preservation Association must be made by the SIM owner, let us wait a the SIM owner's decision .
The contact to the SIM owner Already was done .
Let us calm down and just wait. 


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