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Wednesday, May 22, 2019


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It's only a game

Maybe, like their music, some things fade into memory, until the last note resonates into the ether and all that is left is a distant dream once shared by many people.

Summer Haas

Linden Lab really needs a way to have artistic creations like this put into a bank of regions that can be loaded by request. Even if there was a 10 minute wait period to view it, or only a dozen or so can be up at any given time, it would be better than having these running all the time or losing them forever.


thank you for this blog. I have shared this post on my blog... I hope we can all save Chouchou!

Shmoo Snook

Never heard of this "Region Preservation Society." Why didn't it save other worthy sims? Virtual Starry Night, Greenies Home, etc.

Nocturnengel resident

So hang on a second a region preservation society owned by a linden or linden labs hmmmm has tried reaching out im gonna guess that if it doesnt appeal to linden labs in some way its not deemed worthy of saving shrugs been in sl for years and this is the first im hearing of such a society no wonder there isnt much to do in sl anymore bleh

Better then Ezra

Going to play the devil here by pointing out a few things.
I never could find that place in search it was like they wanted it hidden from others.

Agreeing with Shmoo Snook, why did they let go other even greater sims.. what the hell did they do for the Pillars of Hercules?! what about Blackwater?! nothing! she was banned for no reason (Had not even logged in for 3 years) with the most well known and rare prim art on the grid deleted by the lab! one of a kind work! by the most talented people the grid ever had! her alt told me they just banned her overnight and refused any kind of support ticket...someone paying for a history sim for a decade to benefit the grid just gets crapped on by the lab then ignored like they never existed..Blackwater really showed what kind of limits the rims could shine past (back when building a sim meant using your mind not the marketplace)

If their so worried why not bring back the Black Swan, I know for a fact they have a copy. funny how that all those sculptures from 10 years ago look better then mesh we have today! =)

Agreeing with Summer as well..why not just have a history month to showcase sims since birthday regions for the last few years have looked like a yardsale area.


The preservation society saved the SS Galaxy cruise ship in 2015.


Is there a list of preserved sims or something? How can we get to them? SL let a lot of lovely places die, nowadays most of the 'nice place' sims are the same old countryside with a cutesy cottage in it, or forgotten urban town.. id kill for some unique places to explore again.....


April Fools Day is everyday at LL.


Just copybot the Sim and repost it?

Michael S Brown

I wish we could just buy the rights on things like this so that those who care can preserve beautiful masterpieces.


HAmlet - would LL allow you to set up a fundraising kiosk to see if there's enough community support to keep it open?

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