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Thursday, May 09, 2019


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Connie Arida

Good Piece


this is good, thanks

i see that Dave's path is pretty similar to many others. When play becomes work then the next door beckons

maybe a different approach. Maybe a content influencer shouldn't get a Linden named account. When don't have a named Linden account then inworld the person is just like any other resident. Nothing special or god like. Maybe their job is to continue playing as a resident and that's all. As Dave says he become less vested in SL and more invested in the company as time went by

Clara Seller

Agree with the sentiment of irihapeti.

No hard feelings to Dave Kap's personal account of his success, but when I read this, I walk away with the feeling that the moral to the story is that the cool part of life really begins when you stop being a customer of SL and start being one of the LL gang. Isn't this really illustrating the disconnect that customers have been suffering for a long time?

The part that rings a little hollow in this story is "What Second Life Users Misunderstand About Linden Lab". No, I think he confirms that customers have been seeing the problem pretty clearly. Dave isn't a problem, but he isn't the entire solution. I would take a different approach than irihapeti and let the Dave's of LL become the god's they need to be in their creative space. I just think there needs to be a higher vision in leadership who doesn't see themselves as part of the "coolness", but rather a servant to the losers who write the all of these god-making paychecks...customers. Dave probably shouldn't have the feeling that LL is one big happy forever family. If leadership were doing their job right, he should be feeling that SL is one very big forever family that you can't really ever just "stop being a user".

Ivy Lane

Once upon a time, LL hired mentors to welcome new comers.
I was a mentor for many years, that personal touch made all the difference
As far as I am concerned, serving and helping new people learn
And enjoy the amazing benefits of second
Life were some of the best experiences of
My life. I was blessed to merry many brilliant loving minds.
I really miss this aspect of second life, having
A mentor was a wonderful way to start in the
Meta verse, with a built in friend. That personal touch
It's gone and so many come and leave so fast
Because of the learning curve and no personal connection
To help them feel it's a worth while investment
Of their time.

Gabe Gallager

I for one agree with Ivy Lane, I can't find the"Like" button...

@Lindens, if it's a matter of priorities and there is only so much the employees can do, then hire more employees to serve the customers the residents and keep SL alive...

One thing is indeed critical, it's too important for too many people

Soda Sullivan

"Getting inside the office and seeing how much people were trying to do the right thing by the residents was kind of sobering."

That would have been such a huge statement, if he had followed it by just listing one single example. Just. One. Single. Example.

I would be curious to know actually how many Lindens even bother to log into SL on a regular basis and talk with people about what they want.

Alexa Bagels

This sounds like a description of a very dysfunctional, cult-like work environment.


Sounds like a great place to work, but not necessarily a great place for work to get done.


Not what I expected to read. What I read here is that SL is a game and now that Dave has because an adult he went on to do more adult things. No. That's not what I wanted to hear. SL is not a game for me. It's a way of life. I literally live a second life in SL. Reading that a LL employee sees it as a game exposes a big problem. I guess that at the end it's just going to the office to work for them. As fun as it can get.

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