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Thursday, May 02, 2019


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I see nothing at all here that I cannot repeat or by far better in SL. I am not sure why this is called next generation, unless SL is also considered next Gen . In fact most of it reminds me of retro SL. I really am sick to death of so called next gen, new virtual worlds that cannot even in the smallest way compete with the broken archaic mess that is SL. I would like nothing more than so find such a place. But all I see are soon to be forgotten bad attempts. It is sick indeed that LL has no idea at all that it has the only real viable virtual world worthy of investment and continuity. So are we to imagine that future virtual worlds will look like Minecraft. I am glad I will be long gone before such a day dawns.

Clara Seller

What John said.

It's pretty mind-blowing how much abuse SL users have endured, over the years, while still coughing up a functioning multi-million dollar existence. SL has people who can and do create equally interesting and graphically impressive "experiences" within a much broader and diverse experience. SL is the promised land of virtual reality, but the money god never guaranteed that you wouldn't have to till the soil every season and your day will end at 5 pm. You can't chop up life, serve it on a toothpick, and call it a world.

Raw "tech" isn't the whole solution. It's boring after the first few bites. Success is going to require an ecosphere. Maybe a bit more sociology and psychology should be written into the code. "Experience" in 2019 is a repackaged "Happening" from the 60's. The techies are really groovin', diggin' gramp's tired old scene.

Make a virtual world where people can build their own revolution instead of an amusement park. That gets my attention.

sirhc desantis

Satan skates to work - I find myself in agreement with JohnC and Clara.

It feels sometimes that the Lab continues to give others a standing start advantage but never nails the kill. We (as in the collective 'we') have seen it, done it, bought the tee in system, sculptie and mesh. And continue to do so. Why? Because it works.

I would love to see the Lab use its bloody collective power to actually go after this stuff rather than .. erm what was it again? Hell it would wipe the floor with these - upstarts :)

BTW that collection? Well around 4:59 ish I had a screensaver did that. 20 years ago. Oops longer it was 1992.. What was it Marie A's hairdresser said? Nothing new under the sun something something shakes fist at clouds harrumph etc =^^=

The Fat and the Hungry 2 (The Spoons Revenge)

Dreams name sounds as Generic as High Fidelity or Uninspiring in name as Sansar and Sinespace.

Do they ever consider thinking outside their big tech brains to consult professional making people in these low grade brand naming?

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