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Tuesday, May 28, 2019


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Gaea Oakleaf

In the last month and a half, since Bellisseria opened up, I have seen several Lindens and a number of Moles. Their presence inworld has increased, quite noticeably in some cases. When the new houseboat section was opened, they were waiting with the residents who were watching the opening, taking photos, chatting with several. The interaction with Lindens, Moles, and residents is slowly increasing.

sirhc desantis

Beg to differ - in all my X years I have never seen so many of them inworld - spotted 3 just last week and that was within a 2 hour set. Enough to make an old lag feel a bit on edge...
More seriously, a little bird tells me that staff are now encouraged to go in to see how it all works, especially new hires. Couple that with the new Linden Home continent and the Lab running this years SLB, think you will find they really are a lot more visible and thats not counting the forum side.

Was there a great vanishing during the reign of single letter CEO? Yep but to be honest I would have kept my head down then as well.

CronoCloud Creeggan

While I don't run into Lindens often, I see them now and then, I think I average seeing one every other month or so. I usually run into several at big events like SLxxB or RFL, and they stop by Caledon Oxbridge fairly often. They're much more active now than they used to be. I've probably seen Michael more than any of the others. It seems like whenever I do a long walkabout on the mainland I run into him doing his thing. (I tend to report any troublesome prim issues with the linden roads/infrastructure if I see them)

And I agree that they should be REQUIRED to spend time in SL interacting with the masses. By masses I mean the actual masses, not just us oldbie/FIC/near-FIC crowd who reads and comments here.

I also always greet Lindens with "Friendly Greetings!"


Simon Linden is well visible for those that love live music in Second Life.

Arwyn Quandry

Back when I was on the Teen Grid, I spoke to at least one Linden every week. They were heavily involved with our community, hearing our concerns and chatting with us. It was a microcosm of SL, which made them much more accessible. Since moving over to the Main Grid in 2009, I've hardly seen any. If you make a concerted effort, you can find them, maybe. Occasionally one will show up and stand in the lake at Mischief Managed, but that's the extent of it. I'd love to chat with them again and give them a perspective on how roleplayers spend their time in SL.

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