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Monday, May 06, 2019


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Linden Lab brought the ban hammer down on her for not selling to them her intellectual property in the viewer.


According to the notice sent through the Lumiya inworld group, the reason for the delisting on Google play was because of a change in SMS policy from Google.
Lumiya has a backup feature for chat so if it uses SMS to send those then that's probably what it refers to.
I know a lot of popular apps that use SMS also got hit recently for the same kind of thing and without being updated in time apps get removed automatically.

According to the notice they're working on getting re-published as soon as they can.


And btw, Lumiya is not banned, just removed from the TPV list which isn't a requirement for connecting to the grid anyway.
Cool VL, a pretty decent desktop client has never been in the TPV list either. (for reasons explained on the Cool VL website)


Buy? I bought it already in Google play and I have to pay for it again?

Scarlet the Fox

Yeah pretty harsh I paid for this app on google play now I have to buy it again bit unfair just disable SMS thing or whatever needs to get it relisted

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