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Friday, May 31, 2019


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Susan Wilson

I've done business in SL for 11 years now and have never had a premium account simply because it didn't offer anything I needed or wanted. Now I feel I'm forced to have one to get enough offline messages to serve my customers - something that does not cost LL anything. 25 was already cutting it close but limiting it to 15 would have hurt my business which is very customer service intensive. I don't feel I'm gaining anything because of this membership that I didn't have before the change so it's an added expense. I'm also earning less because of the cashout fee increase. I don't buy for a minute that this has anything to do with "increased regulatory and compliance costs to Linden Lab." Doubling their take on cashout is going to give the Lab a lot more money than they're losing on the decrease in land pricing. I suspect Nylon Pinky is right, they need it to feed that big baby Sansar - where they have recently removed fees.

Hold Your Horses

Don't go premium yet, Susan. LL announced that you will get to keep your 25 groups on your basic account. You're still losing some offline messages.

Baby Sansar thanks you for your support. He just made a big poopie today in his big boy potty. Now tell me that's not worth 5% of your earnings.

sirhc desantis

Yep, I'd hang fire on any decision for a few days. Its not even at 'the buy-in at current rates' stage yet and the Lab could change their minds again :)

(Oh it is Lab, not 'labs' - runs away and hides...)

Sheriff Brody

Susan Wilson Wrote: " I suspect Nylon Pinky is right, they need it to feed that big baby Sansar - where they have recently removed fees."

You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat.


Make sure IM's are sent to email, you'll get them as usual when though you may not get them at login. I know a lot of creators ask to be sent note cards instead.
Personally I've just gone premium again using the quarterly option before they took it away before they announced the rethink and kept groups at 42.
Did I feel pressured into it?
A little bit. I'd been thinking another going premium again but I'd rather not have done it like this. BTW, the fees in Salary are not like for like with SL, people need to check again which fees Sansar refers to.


Got to love predictive keyboards!
Sansar not Salary, and other grammar errors I blame on not being able to post edit!

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