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Friday, May 03, 2019


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Myrylyn Shin

I usually enjoy your work, but this kind of bothered me. So, rather than complain

I wanted to direct you to the communities forming on the new continent of Bellisseria.

We could go for a stroll together and you could see all the wonderful things happening there!

Han Held

If that's how I saw SL, I wouldn't have bothered logging in a second time. Which makes me wonder why people who view it that way don't move on to something else.

But then again, clickbait is bait. I have to admit that the "SL has no communities" is (at least) a new trope. Usually clickbaters go for gor, "sl is nothing but sex" or one of the other tired standbys so...

Good for you? I guess?


I love how your tit hang on the last pic.

Summer Haas

When a comic about the worst gutter trash of SL makes news before reporting that Fantasy Faire raised $60,000 USD for the American Cancer Society, you know we have hit an all time low.

Wagner James Au

Nylon has been one of Second Life's most acclaimed and talented artists for nearly 15 years. I'm thrilled and honored that she's contributing to New World Notes, bringing her insight, style, and often mordant sense of humor to this comic about virtual world life and culture.

Till Hapmouche

Man, y’all are some real ding dongs for not understanding the humor in this.

Han Held

We understand the joke, Till; we just don't think it's funny.

Agreed, Summer Haas -agreed.

Joke's OnU

Nylon should do a comic about how SL Secrets, SL Universe, and the countless bloggers, vloggers, and fame whores changed their names and bought into the hype of the oncoming new virtual frontier. Now that's a pack of ding dongs worth laughing at.

Myrylyn Shin had a great suggestion about Bellisseria. It's worth talking about. Somebody finally did something right and it should inspire some conversation about the exciting possibilities it could bring if developed properly. Could it possibly be a good starting point for SL2? What if SL2 happened inside the game instead of outside the game?

Adeon Writer from Osgrid

@ Summer

So what, the American cancer society is a scam were only 1% reaches the needy while the management gets hundreds of millions in pay and bonuses every year.


As long as it made you feel good thats all that matters right?

Bianca Paramour

So, I wasn't going to say anything until the post trashing the American Cancer Society. I was actually diagnosed with cancer and the ACS helped me in several different ways, from gas money to get to chemo appointments, a free wig, and arranging support groups for me and other people going through the process. They pay for a social worker to be AT the hospital who was on call anytime I needed anything. So no matter what your articles say, there are many with real life experience of how the American Cancer Society helped them.

Minethere Always

Nylon has some interesting articles, we just have to overlook the haters, some people just cannot ever let things go.

Btw Inworldz is still holding my inventory hostage...long live the free metaverse folks!

Argo Nurmi

So where exactly is Bellisseria? Maybe you can provide a landmark?
BTW I look at Nylon P work whenever its featured here but I take it as satire and socially aware criticism. Hat tip to DF for drawing it and WJA for posting it.
I am an SL booster and I love to see the occasional serious journalism on SL. But I know how things are these days, that as a writer you needs to sell writing on a deadline - what quicker way than appealing to the bottom feeders with old clickbait? Serious writers like Leslie Jamison did a pretty good job with her SL story (not everyone liked all of it). We need more.

E.S. Holmes

I like Nylon's articles... so stop being bullies!

Blaise Glendevon

You guys really should lighten up.


We understand the joke, Till; we just don't think it's funny.

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