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Friday, May 17, 2019


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In regards to the game topic that came up, Wagner mentioned Fortnite "creative mode" and Philip kind of missed the point when asking what's the one game that everyone wants to play. The idea is that something like the creative mode allows for a concept of putting the game making potential into the community hands in a fun, creative way. And, in terms of education and businesses, some of them actually like the concept of gamification for training. I've heard of instructors and trainers using SL for teaching through simulations/games. Not sure how often it is done, though.

Clara Seller

Very nice interview, Wagner. "Why not take an approach where you build a fun game first" was the million dollar question. As vwfan pointed out, Philip pretty much fumbled that. You, vrfan, and countless others with no investment in a particular pet project are able to see, right off the bat, that platform is everything.

I'm going to go ahead and declare Project Lilypad dead. Out of "business, education, and entertainment", entertainment seems the obvious place to introduce the new world. We're humans. We're curious, first, then we learn and apply our skills to something functional. It's much more appealing than dreams of some virtual dystopian chore factory disguised as a playground.

The concept of a "Metaverse" is an exciting prospect and we should be very selective in who lays the groundwork for its design. It's architects should be more philosophers than opportunists, it's engineers should be more artists and educators and less Silicon Valley soldiers. It's goal should be to provide us tools and not make us tools.

If this interview was anything like a job interview for God of the Metaverse, I'd send off that "best of luck on your future endeavors" email today.

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