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Friday, May 24, 2019


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Orca Flotta

Ok, need a new pair of shoes. Of course, we always need more shoes, so I go shopping for a pair. And then I go home and wear them and feel good.

But no, it's not as easy as that! What was little naive me thinking. Can't just go to any store and buy shoes, just like nilly willy. No, that would be anarchy. Have to participate in a shopping event!

WTF unhealthy aspect of capitalist consumer society has turned the simple process of exchanging money for goods into an event now??? Hey, why don't we celebrate our unbeatable skills in purchasing game items and make a huge party of it? Shopper of the month. Why don't we crown a shopping queen, based on how much money she spent for shitty clothes during the last 30 days?

Don't any of you bishies have anything better to do in our fancy little pixel world???


Cute cartoon and a pretty sad commentary on the state of SL. It's all become such a formula. At this point, these events would be better if everyone would just phone it in to Marketplace, which is really what these events have become.

Blaise Glendevon

No. I come here to play barbies and decorate my Dream House. You gotta problem with that?

CronoCloud Creeggan

@Orca No, we don't have anything better to do. ;-) Don't get me started on the glut of events in SL. Which exists because they're SL marketing that works, and..well...designers are like the rest of us. ONly so much time! So they take the lazy way out with events and even if I think there's too many events and they're overused as a marketing tool...I can't really blame them because...what else are they going to do.

But the real skill would be in acquiring shitty clothes WITHOUT paying L$ by being a blogger with hardcore networking and shmoozing skills and a LOT of time to engage in those skills, who becomes an "official blogger" for everybody.

Stordan Tonc

Cute concept.

And I agree in part. Gachas are money grabbing enterprises which negatively feed off of endorphin rushes and I tend to avoid them. If I want something from one, I don’t buy from the shop, I get it from the resale on the MP.

BUT I HATE main stores. I’d just as soon join the lag fiesta that’s covered by a Seraphim-like blog to I can pre-shop than visit another boring bland box.

You’ll find a good item from blog or by inspecting someone and you’ll want it. Great! But you have to go to the mainstore… and oh god the item’s it’s been squirreled away somewhere between the sculptie “discount” bin and the “pre-bento” mesh section and you have to wait for that mess of textures to load… oh god why didn’t they just put it on the MP.

(And, if you’re in no rush avoid the lag fest by visiting after the initial crowd has passed. Usually a week in and event sims are quiet.)

Mainstores aren’t what they used to be. You know what was a good fucking main store? Tableau. Not New Mexico Tableau (that one’s /okay/), but New Orleans Tableau. I think Nylon had a hand in that one. There were your malls and things, but many shops provided that sort of immersive experience.

I loved that sim. I would take friends and new folks to SL and look around / hang out. The romantic restuarant in the belly of an alligator, the plane crash in the swamp, the little Faux French Quarter with each of the little buildings a shop. I think there was a Hotel that sold hair. It was a BLAST to poke around and explore. BACK in the day shops were used as means to support sims that more akin to art projects than to shopping malls. Gritty Kitty was similar and I know there were a lot of others.

I think that’s the sentiment that I have about “main stores” they themselves have become too directed and warehouse-driven and I’d rather the communal feel of a shopping event.

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