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Thursday, May 23, 2019


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Adeon Writer

Curious how this data is obtained; at no point did VRChat ask for my age or gender and they offered no method to payment or any sort of personally identifying information.

Trilo Byte

Your headline, while technically accurate, is wildly misleading (you've got to combine all the other much smaller demographics to get only a slight majority. 18-24 is by far the largest demo, and more accurately the userbase is mostly under 35. That age and gender breakdown suggests that it has more in common with trollish gamer communities than established or developing virtual worlds. VRChat's admitted statistic of 30% of daily users logging in with HMD's is the funniest part. When it comes down to it, even 70% of VR's most popular social space can't be bothered to use it in VR.

Orca Flotta

See that? What do we see here?

1) Hamlet can't calculate.

2) Girls, contrary to Second Life, are marginalized in VR applications.

3) If the VRChat figures are correct, LL and Sansar are d00med. Hear me? D00med!!!

Explainification for ...

1) 42.8% is a greater percentage than 32.1%.

2) As we all know is SL a female-heavy platform since it only needs humble graphics power and has a heayv bias on social interaction and events. It's perfect for a quick login and chat with your bishies and a bit of shoppig/dancing. And VR applications are expensive, and clunky and complicated and making us dizzy. We don't like that shit.

3) I admit VR technology has its purpose and usage scenarios, but in more scientific, technical and medical environments, not necessarily in gameplay. So something like Sansar only has appeal as a novelty and will quickly get old and be replaced by the next new shiny.

Oh ... and if I may add ...

4) I passed the big five-oh quite a while ago, so I make only 6.6% of VR users anyway. And that includes men, so the percentage of ladies in my age group will probably be in the promille figures. :/ See, we are the bitches that rule. We have all the youthful existential angst behind us, are settled in our ways and have disposable currency. And we spend enough of it in SL. Only we're not the least bit interested in spending it for stupid little toys like an Octopus Riff.

Orca Flotta

"The VRChat site age breakdown, however, is fairly notable"

No, it's not. The mentioned teens and early 20s don't have the money to spend on useless toys, the over 35 y/olds are too clever and cool to do so.

Gender is a Myth

55yr old Trans-Helicopter Here,
I was a woman then i choose to be a man, but now i identify intellectually as an attack helicopter but sexually identify as a purple cat, so why are others like as i being excluded from the statistics?

There are millions of different types of genders, why are they being excluded outside the artificial narrative of only a male/female gender that really does not exist.

I had no idea until this point how Anti-LGBTQXYZ Community that VRChat appears to be.

sirhc desantis

I know you are a fan Ser Au but not sure I would trust your source there as far as I could throw a JCB. Anyone remember Stylish? https://tinyurl.com/y9qx4cog
Now I may be wrong but a quick visit to their site yielded 12 insta-cookies (including a loyal-user one haha) but a quick browse with DB4S did not throw up one with the data 'old techno paranoid fart' so wondering how I can best skew the... err I mean just how accurate it could be?

Remember kids - browse safely and with shields up.....

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