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Wednesday, June 05, 2019


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sirhc desantis

...or just don't use the crap. Problem solved.

This issue has been raised before. C'mon, its FBorg (et al), they are moving from offering 'free' shinies in return for strip mining you and now they want to coin it in by charging you hundreds of bucks to do it better?

I 'retired' too early, if its this easy now I just should have hung in for another decade.

Argo Nurmi

sirhc its already way too late to stop this train. For background read Shoshana Zuboff's Surveillance Capitalism. Google (do no evil) began this ball, of predictive advertising. Google solved the key data collection problems, their data scientists wrote the original US Patent, a "how to"
collect data on everyone. Everyone watched (who knew what to look for) as Google turned from a search company to a surveillance behemoth. But mostly they saw how easily Google turned your data into money. You are the product. Yes, welcome to the machine. Every industry is now retooling to use your data. Really? Insurance -your driving habits, communications - your cell phone (Google again, and Verizon and others), Medical. Travel, etc.just about any company you do business with is going to sell your habits and the data they collect about you, your emails, web choices, incidental speech in your home picked up by a certain applicance and yes, augmented reality is cashing in.

You know this, of course, but maybe you like the free stuff - we don't want you to be too aware of what we are doin. Think your browser isn't part of the machine? Think Facebook with their social graph. Think Cambridge Analytica if your still not tracking. Everyone piled on poor CA but they they had some regrettable sales practices that got them headlines, but, there are many like them. Academics who study how to push your buttons are to be found in the most respectable places, for example, at a certain University (which has the name of an ancient river). This is where they figured out the "how to" of predictive advertising. And it is transforming business - industrial capitalism is being replaced by a new source of wealth - you.

And I wanted to say something about the interview Hamlet did with Ebbe. In that interview Hamlet brings up some numbers which I think come from gridsurvey.com. Ebbe makes a face! That's because he's got better numbers! Why? because - well - the Lab collects data and analyzes it. If you wonder who has the most influence in SL, the real FIC, - its the numbers. Straight forward business data analytics. Let us pray that the Lab isn't going to monitize that data. Perhaps quirky habits by an avatar strongly correlate with a weakness to buy a certain private item. And being part of the Valley culture I am dead sure they think about it or have already been enticed by probably more than one high dollar consulting firm who tells them how much their data is worth (to an aggregator). I wish I could give you good news - that a revolution in ethics is sweeping the industry but I can't And we data scientists are as guilty as ever.

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