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Tuesday, June 18, 2019


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Susan Wilson

Trust challenges? "... led by Facebook in association with many major companies and organizations," so yeah, not with a 10-foot pole.

sirhc desantis

Even without the FBorg connection the take of ser Frisby would have given me pause. Holding my nose at the silly name, a quick flip through its twatter thing and - oh, turn off your adblocker to sign up. Agincourt salute to that. The fact that zucks is on board just reinforces my 3m and a bit pole.

(As for empowering through easier financial yaddda yadda usual BS on the site - how about empowering me in cash - real cash that is - for all the data you have scraped together on me despite doing my best to avoid yer collective POS).

Summer Haas

So we are going to let Facebook control our economy? A company that is constantly under investigation for data breaches and unethical behavior. A company that regularly bans people for having alternative points of views. What happens when you post a picture they deem is wrong-think, you can no longer pay for groceries? A big giant NOPE to this.

Jackie Gleason

I would love a company that censors my voice,expressions,ideas,thoughts, while pushing an unbendable narrow narrative to indoctrinate the masses with.. to also control my money, it makes perfect sense, drinking removes warts and pimples. not from me. but from those I look at.

Facebook,Youtube & Twitter all need broken, pass the laws or let a civil war do it for them!

Does God have a sense of humor?
He must have if He created us.

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