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Wednesday, June 12, 2019


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I read the petition and I won't sign it because there are a few things that the creators seem to bypass. I understand that they do not like the 5% increase and I do sympathize but, what they don't seem to want to understand is that the fees from Paypal went up. The percentage that LL has to pay when they do the conversion with Paypal is higher than it was, which is why it's now being passed to the creators who are cashing out. That petition is primarily regarding the cash-out percentage. You cannot expect a LL to cover the extra amount that Paypal is charging them and continue to remain a viable business. Right now, they are losing money every time the creators decide to convert their lindens into real-world currency. Linden Lab can only do that for so long. This petition is not about the rise in premium membership costs but about that 5% percentage and the fact that they will have to pay more of a cost, to do that conversion.

So Many Prims

I really wish you'd stop coming to these highly speculative proclamations about the numbers without acknowledging any limitations.

Amanda Dallin

Most petitions start big and then slow down. It's a natural progressions like movies have their biggest audience on opening weekends then tail off over time.

As far as the merits of this petition go, LL has needed to change their revenue model for some time. What they've done so far is a good start, so no I won't be signing the petition.

Huckleberry Hax

I get just 35% from my Kindle book sales at Amazon. SL content creators have it pretty good. I agree that Linden should take more from content sales and decrease the cost of land to encourage more people to buy (and buy for) it.


petitions for sure do provide a way for people to express disapproval on the one hand, while also hoping to bring about changes that can benefit a community as a whole

its the "we don't say specifically in the petition what it is that we the petition organisers could offer to LL as alternative ways for LL to generate revenue" that kinda dooms petitions worded this way

to get a lot of people on board with a petition then is best to be succinct, clear and specific about what exactly are the changes being petitioned for

like the petition does actually say what the petitioners are asking for in concrete terms. Paraphrasing: "We the petitioners, would like LL to give more notice for changes of this kind, so that we as a community have more time to digest the proposed changes and provide feedback."

it just gets lost in all the other stuff about we got ideas we can't say about. And we got delegates, yet we don't know who they are, etc. All vague wordy stuff that is unnecessary in a petition


Someone mentioned how people might start looking at using Paypal inworld, as an alternative to Linden dollars, in the face of all these fee increases. Well, it's already happening on OpenSim, in this story: https://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2019/06/you-can-use-paypal-for-in-world-payments-on-your-grid-heres-how/

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