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Monday, June 10, 2019


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Isabelle Cheren

The removal of the transaction fees from Sansar was not what people assumed. But sadly it
became people’s truth despite the fact it wasn’t at the behest of Second life but simply correcting an issue Sansar had.
The Sansar blaming has become such a easy blame yet Ebbe in his interviews has been candid about Second Life and there is no indication of it being replaced. In fact they have been working on its improvements.
I feel I have to say this because the misinformation being spread is not helpful at all to the community.


"However, should you agree to have a direct conversation with representatives for those who have signed this petition, we will work with you to choose those delegates."

The idea of delegates concerns me. We have no idea of what is being discussed. If there's one thing I would suggest, it's that if this is done behind closed doors, it should be made public before coming to an agreement. The community should be involved - not just creators or service providers. Consumers matter, too. Everyone matters.

One Of Many

It all has been nothing but bad timing. So even if none of Linden Lab's recent decisions had anything to do with Sansar, the announcements just suggest otherwise:
First the increased premium price (which people can get the most benefit out of if they prolong their membership before June 24th), then the removal of transaction fees from Sansar.
And while residents of SL raise against the decrease of groups for non-premium residents and increase of cashing out fees, Linden Lab prepares for a charity event in Sansar.
Soon after their announcement that they will not cut down the groups for non-premium residents, they shared an announcement for the 'World Oceans Day - Virtual Beach Clean Up Event' in Sansar on the Sansar Discord server, where the original wording was "For every shark collecting trash, we'll donate $5 to EarthEcho International. If the sculpture gets completed, we'll donate an additional $5,000 - for a total of up to $10k!". This announcement was taken down within minutes after it appeared on Discord, followed later by an email announcement, which lacked these words completely. The original wording can still be found here:

Coincidence? Maybe. Food for conspiracy? Absolutely.

Sure we can agree that $10k are peanuts in comparison to the earnings (or expenses as a business) Linden Lab might have, but considering that marketing/advertisement-wise not much has been done in recent years to bring new residents (and therefore new and more potential income) to SL and correcting the bad image SL has permanently gained throughout the years, this money could've been invested into the platform they have a secure income from and which makes so much possible for so many.


"As you know, many of us are more than just hobbyists, we rely on the money we earn in Second Life to pay our bills, feed our children, and survive." I understand the petition, but this part comes off a bit... entitled. What are you going to do when the game tanks? It will, eventually.

The idea that people think they can pay their mortgage with a freelance dev job that relies on the success of a larger game is just not something you can retire on. ALWAYS have a backup plan. SL cannot pay your rent forever.


I still haven't quite figured out how LL thought "We're going to charge you more, and drop land fees less than the cost bump...but hey, you can have more groups!" was going to actually go over well.


LL made a very public decision when they gambled on Sansar being their investment future over SL. The project has predictably tanked and that shouldn't even be up for debate anymore. Their hubris has written checks that their rump can't cash.

Yes, there is a debt to be paid. LL just has it backwards as usual. The first sacrifices should come from the source of the problems.

Zoey Mara

Nice to see the Blogger qouting a misinformed person it makes the rest of this article look bad ... "Announcing that [fee increase] at the same week then removing the transaction fees from Sansar was disheartening to many of us" all they did was stop taxing tipping which has nothing to do with real money transfers , all it is is when you tip a DJ or gift a friend 100 they get the full 100 instead of it being taxed. that quote shouldn't of even been in the article or at least the writer should of wrote a correction to explain that it was a wrong concept. Its misconceptions like that that need to be killed they Hurt SL more than anything.


The current fees are ridiculously low. As a creator, i would like to see our fees increased and lands fees decreased because currently SL is too creator friendly and kicks the user to the curb. We need the users to make our money so we need to focus on them and keep them happy enough to stay. Land fees are a high as they are because SL needs that revenue. If they took a bit more from creators (this is still such a fair amount) then land fees could be reduced to a reasonable price. Also, most people who signed were asked to sign by their favorite creators. They actually had no idea what the numbers mean. They just do what they are asked in hopes of free products.


I would just prefer they use the Darth Vader throat squeezing technique.

Toysoldier Thor

The part that is crazy is that they increased the payout credit fees by 100%! I run a RL business and if I were to go to my customers and tell them... Oh BTW next month I am doubling my fees you pay me by 100% ... It would not go over well! But I guess LL has a monopoly over all SL creators so other than stop creating content or providing SL experience services inside SL for SL, what can we do?

Cindy Grady

As much as I hate saying it and wish it wasn't true Virtual worlds are a dying thing, we all seen its decline over the last decade or so. People's view and how they use the internet has changed rapidly and will continue to do so. For anyone to say this---> we rely on the money we earn in Second Life to pay our bills, feed our children, and survive. O.o God help you! Please get a backup plan NOW!

Colonel Sanders

Cindy Grady is right. We need to blame the victims. We're all here to feed the insatiable appetites of our incompetent owners. Never mind that LL used to market the ability of content creators to earn a living off of their product. It was a good sales pitch at one time. Content creators were king. Now they are finger lickin' good fools. Follow Cindy to your table.

A Facebook User

Sansar just needs to be canned - even since it move to steam it barely has any activity - they may as well be shovelling money into a hole in the ground.


Ahhh i can see whats happening already, when ordering a service, i was asked to pay with PayPal and cut out Linden Labs in the transaction,

Good job Linden Labs..

lets see how many land barons are going to do the same

Bebbe Bebbe

I find it weird that Linden Lab is playing Santa Claus in Sansar by giving away 10000 USD like it is nothing but in Second Life they need to shaft the users because they are so poor and have to make extra money.

Zoey Mara

that 10,000 USD is nothing to them cause it gets written off in their tax return due to being used during a charity event, companys and comporations all give away money during charity events its nothing New hell the charity im apart of now is giving away a harley davidson Road king, thats a 30K USD bike by the way. All to Get people to donate money to the charity , that 30K bike gets written off as a charity goods and is recouped in their taxes. It's funny really watching people talking about finances saying OMG they no longer charging a Transaction fee in Sansar (ohh they forgot to read the fine print next to the red circle yea we all got the same BS post that people tried to lie about ) its only dealing with tips and gifts and all it did was make their system the same as SLs. Its also funny when people bring up the 10K with out knowing how corporations recoup that money in tax write offs because its a charity event.


I signed but with reluctance, basically covered by a few earlier comments - constant BS involved in Sansar bashing, the thought of 'delegates' and the overall vagueness. So why? Out of exasperation.

Limited RL budgets means our little group has to be pretty much self sustaining in SL. No problem there except takes a bit of planning. Which is now up in the air. Plan was adding a new quarterly but - that option was taken away. OK. Except its now back in...okayyyyy. Possibly. So lets go for buying in one at the pegged annual - OK. Except theres a new super premium coming...

Dear Lab make up your sodding mind already. OK its not a patch on something like the Great TOS crapola of the past but still.

(Aside, whatever I make gets plowed back in. Which means that me, who does not cash out, is not treated as a 'real merchant' by the usual suspects over on the official forum so fat chance raising concerns there.)

Daphne Mara

I too, laugh at the little independent earners who scurry like ants to carry crumbs to their little hills and who are frantically lost when you spray their path with Raid or grind them to the floor with your heels and use it as a tax write off for pest control in your luxury condo. It's funny ha ha ha that they don't understand that crumbs are nothing unless you have thousands of them for dessert topping at charity events to show how generous and humane you are.

Zoey Mara

oh wooo is me ..i never said i agreed with LL's increases what i did say is that using BS lies and not understanding how finances work and using misconceptions as an argument is funny, but good try trying to make me feel bad for pointing out FACTS that everyone else is tossing in the trash to make their argument. The fact that every post i see saying sign this petition i have seen uses the same message about charges on TIPS, not USD transactions as their argument is laughable , they use it and dont even read out side the red circle in the same picture all that change did was make tipping the same in sansar as it is in SL where when i give you 100L you get 100L and LL doesn't get any cut out of it that's it , that's all the change was. So yea i laugh not because i agree with the price changes but because people are miss representing the facts.

Saryn Blue Chrome

This hurts anyone who makes their livelihood on Second Life, and cashes out money weekly/regularly, like Kavon Chrome and I do.

Just like the REAL world, this is designed to keep the rich even richer, and really hurts those who don't have "top" stores (I won't mention names, but think about your favorite stores that everyone under the Sun flocks to).

This seriously affects people. This doubling of the fees is RIDICULOUS. Linden labs are dropping the cost of sims, but charging us out the ass for increased fees ALL OVER THE PLACE.


These unwarranted fees will effect MANY others to the point of possibly giving up creating in SL. THATS NOT RIGHT! These creators and designers work their ASSES OFF to make things for you, but many may not be soon because of the MONOPOLY (yeah.. I said it), that these other stores will have even more so in the market, due to other people not feeling it's worth it anymore since LL is gouging us at an even a higher rate on OUR OWN MONEY WE EARN. Linden Labs ain't staying up all day and night making my money for me! They don't deserve this, nor have they earned it. I have. And, so do so many others.

It's not like most designers have a TEAM of people sitting around designing FOR them to get ahead of the game, as the "designer" gets to be the spokesperson and pretty face for their store. Under normal circumstances, the 'regular' people have put their blood, sweat, tears and souls into their designs!

I know this personally from having my own stores, and also working with over 100 Merchants in my weekly sales group/event, The Weekly Limited. I see how these people struggle each week ALONE, trying to "make it" in this dog-eat-dog world we call Second Life. It's the WHOLE REASON I founded The Weekly Limited... to HELP US UNDERDOGS. There has been fantastic feedback for The Weekly Limited, but after all this change goes into effect, it will be interesting for me to see who's all still in the game designing after awhile, to make their ends meet.

Geesh. What's gonna happen when the designer's stop feeling it's worth it to put their hard-earned money doing all these events? Bye bye, events! Hello, $$$ Stores again, since that will be pretty much all that's around to choose from, since the smaller stores may be dropping like flies! I REALLY hope it doesn't come to that. It will be sad to see Second Life crumble like that.

Do you know that some of the TOP STORE owners were involved with Linden Labs and had actual input on some of these changes that are/will take place? Why werent we ALL polled to see what the 'normal' designers had to think or say about any of this? Why just the elite? Second Life needs to be changed to Elitist Life. There. There's ya a new idea for a gaming platform! ... or we already playing it? 🤔

And, people complain about the lack of men's clothes now! Haha! Wait. Everyone is gonna get pigeonholed into buying from stores A. B, or C. Have fun with that!

As I said, this 'way' will only make the rich richer, and weed out tons of other people, so the 'people in the top' in SL can just funnel money WE SHOULD BE GETTING, right into their pockets.

Should I put Linden Lab's name on my store, since technically they will be a percentage owner, since I DO cash out? Pffftt. My work. My hard‐earned, honest money. Don't they have enough already? Fucking GREEDY, ELITIST people.

It's all good. What rises ALWAYS falls and all good things come to an end-- even for the 'big' people around SL.

FROM SARYN BLUE CHROME Owner/Desinger of Hot Fuss & 11th House, CEO/Founder of The Weekly Limited

FROM KAVON CHROME Owner/ Designer of REBELLION & 11th House

If the announcement about DOUBLING the process credit fee, which will be set in motion the 24th of this month, was made on April 1st, it would have made much more sense!


Im literally going broke with these changes!! I quit my job to stay home and create so I could be home for my sick 7 year old and it's been a blessing but, with all these price cuts and percentages going up I may need to stop and work out of the home again. Which will devastate my son! Thanks Linden Lab

tesco payslip

Limited RL budgets means our little group has to be pretty much self sustaining in SL. No problem there except takes a bit of planning. Which is now up in the air. Plan was adding a new quarterly but - that option was taken away. OK. Except its now back in...okayyyyy. Possibly. So lets go for buying in one at the pegged annual - OK. Except theres a new super premium coming...


This is why I chose not to depend ob Linden Labs for my day job, first off you can be banned at anytime for no reason at all so it's risky to put my entire life into it. I could have but second life is not here forever. I agree it's not fair to keep taking but the empire eventually takes a hit. Less people will want to pay heavy fees and will go somewhere else.

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