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Thursday, June 13, 2019


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Pokémon is all generations. I’m 32 and I love what I love. I grew up with the originals. And this movie was made for the Gen 1’s foremostz

CronoCloud Creeggan

Pika! Pika Pi! Chu!
There is only Gen One! I wanna be the very best....

Better then Ezra

Well what bothers me is due to the mandela effect (our reality being rewritten)
many fans (including me) and even non fans remember Pikachu with a black mark on his tail,However if you look at any videos involving Pikachu now, you will only see the black mark if it has been edited in. Any images will now appear WITHOUT the black mark.

Anyways when did Everybody somehow become Every Body we may never know?


Erza: I've been a fan from the very start and he never had a black mark on his tail. I have childhood drawings and they're accurate.

Kids just don't pay attention and they saw the brown at the base of the tail and got confused, since base markings aren't easy to remember.


Brad what part of this did you not read?
"Well what bothers me is due to the mandela effect (our reality being rewritten)" of course you would not remember it, all seems normal to you and the majority while trying to downplay others experiences as it threatens your sheltered place in this terrible redone sick society).. those who are aware of the mandela effect generally are not sheeple while not discounting themselves, they know our world has been altered but no one speaking publicly has a reason why.millions of others knowing the same thing but are scared to say anything.

BTW on my earth Pikachu was a girl, also Philip Rosedale was Philip Rossdale

BTE Effect

Remember Shazam starring sinbad?

Han Held

I hope you're being facetious and I'm just not getting it, because

BTW on my earth Pikachu was a girl, also Philip Rosedale was Philip Rossdale


As you were, then

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