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Thursday, June 06, 2019


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Good article to add to the bookmarks. Those are important points that are often misunderstood.


What a wonderful article. Thanks so much for highlighting this and providing the link to it!
This is something I relate to in so many ways, being unable to transition in RL because of some of the reasons explained in the article.
For people like me, Secondlife really does mean so much.


Beautiful article. Second Life sometimes feels more like my real home and the real me.

Cannon Dean

I read the article from start to finish, and I have a couple points.

First the author. How can you insinuate so much as to the purported cause of things when you are no expert? You are merely stating opinion and passing it off as fact. Don't do that. This whole idea of colonialism and patriarchy talking points is really just SJW agenda pushing pablum. Please, stop.

Nextly, and this is is going to be controversial because people no longer think, they 'feel'. Very often transgenderism goes hand in hand with mental illness of some type. Usually disassociate identity disorder, why isn't this discussed? And there are a great many that fetishize the very thing of being of woman, there is an underlying sexual component to it. Again, why isn't this discussed?

Everyone deserves to the right to live their life as they see fit, that I do not argue with . But you cannot deny basic biology. There are only 2 biological genders and they are not constructs. There is no intersex or gray. Biologically you are a male or a female, end of. To dispute that is anti-science on every level imaginable.

You can never be known as just a woman or a man if you are transgender, because you are not those things biologically-you never will be. You are always trans*. You must accept that and stop trying to force everyone else to believe otherwise because it's never going to happen.

Also, transgenderism needs to be separated from LGB , it is its own thing and nothing to do with sexuality. I am sick-as a gay person myself, of this bandwagoning that happened with transgender people becoming the focus of gay equality. I no longer give my time or money to organizations because of it.

The crux of the article is basically anti white anti cis male garbage. You're just ginning up the hate machine for imaginary monsters. I also cringed at the sexualized animal avatar. Really? I think you are an ambassador for degeneracy and you have straight white woman savior complex. Please, just stop.

CronoCloud Creeggan

Cannon, don't you realize that terms like "degeneracy" and "SJW Agenda" were once applied to gay people? You're falling for the "I've got mine, who cares about the people left behind" trap that too many people fall for.

You also don't know much about biology, sex and gender and are confusing the latter two. They're not equivalent. There are at 6 human sexes because of how chromosomes work.


And lets not get into things like Complete Androgen Insensitivity, or Mosaicism. So yes, intersex people exist. Science says they do.

And the last paragraph where you call the article anti-white and anti-male? Whut? I think you've got a persecution complex.

Blaise Glendevon

Cannon Dean, thank you for putting the acronym SJW in the first few sentences. Anyone who uses it unironically can be dismissed out of hand - so, the heads up before your word salad was appreciated.

Wagner James Au

> There is no intersex

There literally are intersex people. By one study estimate, as many as 1 in 60 human births might be intersex.


sirhc desantis

@Dean Cannon (what a name) '..the article is basically anti white anti cis male garbage..' well Dude (or dudette or...), white cis male here (hey lets throw in 'so straight that friends use me as a plumb line when putting up rainbow drywall' for the trifecta) and sorry to disappoint but not seeing any of that in the article at all.

Happy to be labelled degenerate if that helps.

(Nice piece, my only issue being that its, well, Issuu which drives me up the wall =^^= )

Shamus Svegard

In a nutshell:

Sexuality=normative. Transgenderism=pathological. Learn the differences.

Blaise Glendevon

Transgenderism isn't even a word, dimwit. It's an identity, not an ideology.



This is where you're wrong. In today's climate, transgenderism is very much an ideology being foisted upon people. You either accept it in total or you're a bigot, that's the new think.

You cannot force people to accept transgenderism as normative. It is never going to be that, ever.

We should however focus attention to the underlying co-mental illnesses that these people are more often than not afflicted with instead of just calling everyone a bigot who questions it.

Han Held

'bigotry' is the most appropriate name for it, however. Apply that same sentence ("you cannot force people to accept ... as normative") to religion, race and nationality and that makes the point even clearer.

You even underline that fact by jumping right straight to the mental illness canard.

By jumping into the comments here and providing specious claims and objective evidence of the need for transgender support you are actually helping the pro-transgender cause. So thank you for that -I guess?

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