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Friday, June 21, 2019


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Carol H Tucker

Am I interested?

Will I be able to deal with the lag?
will I be able to even get in?
maybe not


I am actually very grateful to LL for keeping SL going all this time. But I think a celebration tends to imply that everything is fine and rosy and we are one big happy virtual community etc. When it has never felt that way to me. Apart from the fact that SL exists and continues to function reasonably well, I have never witnessed anything personally that sets LL apart from any other service provider. I put my money in a bank but I do not go to the banks birthday, neither do I celebrate the birthdays of my electricity or Phone provider etc. I have paid through the nose for everything I have created here and still do every day. I honestly do not see much to celebrate, seems more like a struggle to survive to me. As long as the service is provided I will use it I guess. So I would not attend, although I totally understand why such an event is held.

CronoCloud Creeggan

Other: Already visited, was there during the opening ceremony. I must have missed seeing Hamlet.

Brayla Sana

Events in SL are too laggy.


Lag to reduce my interest. Those event content is too simple a player in 12 years in SL. I have more than 1 premium accounts oversea. What my experience is LL always cannot surprise me. Event their premium gift I bother to take them.


Event is supremely laggy and a waste of time. Historically this was an important event, one where the community had a chance to grasp a sense of belonging and where you could touch the connection to the original idea, which as many recall, sprung from Burning Man and the social-anarchist and collectivist ideas that were/are paraded there. In time Linden Lab lost the sense of what the word "proper" means and kept inflating it in numbers: last year, if I recall right, the event was spread over 10 sims or so. Humans [and corporations], once they lose any sense of meaning, keep inflating the structures that used to support that meaning.

Candi Kane

We shouldn't forget that this is Ruth's sweet sixteen. Why not drag her out and waddle around the party for awhile? It could be fun.

sirhc desantis

Absolutely :) Not been an actual exhibitor since 13 but got a few bits of scenery of mine in there (actually a mod version of a burn build haha). Plus its great to piss off the perpetual whiners by enjoying myself.
Will not go as ruth (or even roth) but still got my old joiner av which is fun to freak out the plastic natashas with =^^=

(And if you want to really make a few days of it - take in Pride as well)

Lovely Party

I went to that event today. First time in 10 years. I can appreciate the work and planning that goes into putting something like this together. Still, there was something about it that felt a little phoned in. The Linden Homes were really exciting at the Home & Garden Expo, but I'm not as enthusiastic about the campers this go around. There's something about a price increase/trailer combo that isn't appetizing.


Too much lag!!!

Han Held

Apart from supporting friends? Not really.

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