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Tuesday, June 25, 2019


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Acacia Merlin

I remember back in the day attending an SL Convention in Chicago. It was wonderful to meet people. There was a greater sense of community then. Funny, even having last names made a difference. People sometimes created groups for those with the same last name. I wish the Lindens were more hands on today. It used to be nice to see them out and about and be able to ask questions or ask for help with something.

Akasha Sternberg

Been to the shop hop, got in quite easily, went full alpha and derendered avatars... As i always do with events... The Lindens are very active, talking to us in their panels, theyve been at a con somewhere in the states this year...

sirhc desantis

Been twice so far and after running away from the plastic natashas hanging around the welcome bits been pulling 25+ on singularity on my old pre-flood box - been great :) And spotted a couple of noobie staffers to boot.

Orca Flotta

"I put my money in a bank but I do not go to the bank's birthday, neither do I celebrate the birthdays of my electricity or phone provider etc."

And this is where JohnC. errs:

* LL isn't just a storage space, and we pay for more than just a server.
* Celebrating SL birthday was always more of a community thing, than something The Lab forced on us. In the last couple years they kinda pulled out completely and 2019 is the first time since long they retook control and stemmed most of the preparation work.

Apart from that I'm not interested in that event neither. Never was. But we can't take our opinions and Hamlet's poll here not take as a meaningful representation. Alone the fact that you and me are reading SL-related bloggos sets us apart from the sheeples of SL, who will probably be happy, most of 'em, for having another event to attend and have something to do so they won't get bored. In so far I guess SL16B is a major attraction for most people.

Han Held

I've been in several SL birthdays and almost none of my friends (who weren't already exhibiting themselves) attended, so I don't think the "sheeple" (WTF is this, 2009?) ..meaning Mr&MrsSixpack.resident... have a lot of interest in attending either.

Personally, for me, it's down to a consistently bad experience; going all the way back to the first one I attended (SL8B). The only real way to get around that is to have an exhibit in and see things before they open or during teardown.

So if I'm not in it, I'm not interested. Simply because the lag is never, ever worth dealing with (unless it's for a specific purpose, like supporting friends).


Which also means from your chart results that 44% are interested or very interested , not including the 17% that are somewhat interested. Hardly "Tepid" results.
Quite an interesting way to spin a result I think.
The lag is always bad the first week or two, which just goes to show HOW popular it always is! then it tails off gradually and it easier to get around. I've heard a lot of positive things from people who've already been because you usually only hear about the negatives here.


Talking inworld etc, I saw some confusion between the SL16B shopping event and the actual SL16B celebration. Some people had a terrible experience at the shopping event: always full, severe lag and so on. Of course that one is super crowded as any shopping event that also includes gifts and gift-cards from popular SL brands. Some people thought the SL16B was that.

The celebration is another story and at a different place.
Most people seem to go to the main stage to dance and some to the gift area, but there is so much more there to see and there is someone everywhere around the map.

I visit the SLB every year, curious to see what the residents have created. Idem with Burn2. Creativity is one of the best parts of SL. I like to go there together with friends. Meanwhile I meet other friends there that are visiting as well or they are involved, so once I gave an hand with an exhibit myself. At least in my case, it's pretty enjoyable.
Moreover, I find the history and evolution of SL fascinating, and the SLB celebrations are part of that, not to mention exhibits actually dedicated to that or the time capsules.
Also there are minor events and shows within it. Even airshows!

However, this year it's different. It was since SL9B that the celebration was community driven. Something changed the last year and this year it's clearly Linden Lab driven. I'm not saying that's bad. The map is spacious and larger than ever, but the regions available to the users are somewhat fewer. Well, the Moles are "residents" too with that Mole accounts - and honestly they did a nice job this year - bu6 the actual community creations were pushed to a side, literally to the west side of the SL16B map, those 5 regions out of 22 (they were 20, but they added a couple more, so that the auditorium is among 4 regions now, and it can guest more people).

As result I'm feeling it a bit mixed. I enjoyed the 1950s atmosphere, the spacious areas Bellisseria-style, the parks and the lake too, the "Tapestry of Time", the showcasing and other things made/rezzed by LL/Moles. There is still a bunch of SLers creations to see. In sum I liked it (and I'm still going there), except it fells a little more like: "our LL made world, our own imagination". Kudos to the Moles and the LDPW anyway.

DiJodi Dubratt

I went and enjoyed it. I was so glad to see people just having fun building with prims and setting their happy build out for everyone to see. I miss that.

sirhc desantis

Third visit.. Oh dear is this old active SL fart harshing the whinge? :) Well yet to see any ... well now you wouldnt expect the whiners to actually be there...too much opensim eh..

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