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Wednesday, June 19, 2019


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Single player game advertised as an MMO? I see more and more false advertising is becoming the norm.

Wagner James Au

Players can communicate, coordinate, and help other progress in the game -- almost by definition that's an MMO. Not a traditional MMO but an MMO of some kind all the same.

Neat game though

dark souls is an mmo


muh slurs!! u no wrong tock!


"Players can communicate, coordinate, and help other progress in the game"
Any online cooperative game meets this definition. It doesn't make cs:go or rocket league an mmo tho ;)

sirhc desantis

Its - well, relaxing although a save position would be nice. Had a few disconnected talks to - the peopled void.
I like it and yeah drove me to try out a new engine. To me anyway.
And as an MMO (am I doing that right?) Nice to be alone in a crowd. Paddle paddle...

But tonight I am here :) https://www.stonehengeskyscape.co.uk/


Many thanks for that complete information! https://www.diebestetest.de/

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