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Wednesday, June 26, 2019


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My next PC upgrade is probably 2 years away. My last replacement 18 months ago was forced on me because of a complete hardware breakdown and limited budget meant I couldn't get a system that supported VR.
But I've long had an interest in VR and will make sure that I'll have a system that will support it the next time. I've considered a next gen console coming out next year and would be very surprised if the Sony VR system isn't backwards compatible but the thought of being locked into one specific console and gaming platform goes against the grain, plus having to play normal games using game controller only..ugh!
As long as VR in the next 2 years improves and/or drops below the magic 300-400 $/£/€ price point for mass adoption, just like we saw happen with home computers and tablets for mass adoption then probably, VR will finally start to take off.

Susan Wilson

I really can't take any projections about VR use seriously at this point considering all previous forecasts have been dead wrong.

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