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Monday, July 29, 2019


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Amanda Dallin

Is live theater art? It's ephemeral. There have been countless wonderful theatrical productions that only exist in someones memory and many more where no one is alive any longer to remember them.

Second Life art is like a theatrical production where we are all actors as well as the audience.


Also worth to mention that you can visit AM Radio his work in world here:

AM Radio

I wish I had spelled garde correctly.

@amanda the point of theater is a wonderful parallel. As well,it brings to mind a troop that has since disbanded called To Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, which utilized audience participation with similar result.

@rimpulsa, this was the first work, perhaps 2007 and hosted in 2008. Its preservation anomalous and due to the love and kindness of specific individuals. Visiting the work in 2019 will show its age but it may still have some stories to discover.

Wagner James Au

"Grade" has been garde-d!

Lelani Carver

Now you can take a stab at “eminently” (which I had to stop and check).

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