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Friday, July 19, 2019


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MAP Community Director

Until the so called tolerant LGBTQ community learns to embrace other discriminated communities like mine among others then i just block anyone with a trans profile inworld while even banning them from land/groups i own. after all, this so called tolerate group has no problem tossing other vulnerable groups under the bus. the day the LGBTQ accepts the wide sensitive spectrum's of the MAP Impaired identity, then I'll be more then willing to accept the 1000's of identities they identify as being as well.


The article is great and the GLAAD link is a good suggestion to read as well.
The above comment instead is a good chance to debunk that anti-LGBT political propaganda and BS.
MAP (minor attracted person) is exactly what the word pedophile means.
It isn't only LGBT people who reject you. If there is anything Linden Lab is quick to ban is that.
The fallacy is simple. The problem with pedos isn't about sexual preferences, it's about abuse of minors. It's a whole different thing. It's molesting and harming defenseless people.
Harming people IS a problem.
It would be understandable if a pedo recognizes he/she has a problem and tries to avoid any harm and seeks for help. Being proudly a child rapist and meanwhile harrassing and attacking the LGTB minority too, comparing apples and ebola, is just more abusive (and delusional too).
Read this:

EWW Regional Director

Being blocked and banned by the MAP community is a bad thing?

Blaise Glendevon

We need some fucking moderation in these comments. Jesus.

Wagner James Au

Looks like the Algorithm of Moderation laser beam has been unleashed.

Blaire W.

I first met my husband on the Teen Grid when he was 26 with me being 14 at the time.
we have been married several years.
we consider ourselves a strait couple even if at one time I was considered a biologically a man. now a post opt surgery female.

Never been involved in lgbt organisations because one time they only wanted equal rights now they pretend to speak for all of us like gay versions of Al Sharpton/Jessie Jackson types demanding too many special rights instead of equal opportunity while discriminating against others behind a shield of indifference.

Second Life is a good place to learn about different sides of yourself if you've never explored them.

Aliasi Stonebender

Absolutely. The whole "hurr hurr, all the girls are really guys" is a persistent and awful form of transphobia found on SL.

(As for the "MAPs"... please, do block and ban me. Like, I insist. Do it now. I don't want to accidentally visit any of your parcels.)

sirhc desantis

Straight White Male 55 CIS [urgh so hate the term] thats me labelled as seems to be the norm. I lie about my age of course.

This is a lovely piece. The day that SL becomes a place where I am not scared, worried, shocked but mostly bewildered about People is the day that it is no longer my Second Life :) Its the company line? == Bonus. And thanks - the link, well still getting my head around TERF (WTF) so yay!

I am happy that people I know are or are not trans. They are People. You have my support. Or not its up to you =^^=

(nice bit ends)

Hmm to map et al - all kiddie diddlers real or fantasised should be nailed by their toes to a tree so my sisters and brothers in the 4 legged predator class can piss on them. I just asked and they said yep would be happy to.

Happy to discuss in meat or pixel space - will joyfully wipe the floor with you fucks.


It isnt any better I cant wear my femboy av without being called a girl or told to change saying I look under age despite I am not and spent a ton of money to make it.
Also been told that their no such thing as bi by the dark alley owner who treated me like shit one for my femboy av and then attacked my sexuality nothing changed for LGBT it's still shitty life is even on sl.


Okay, my big issue is, why are we gonna accept people who literally have attractions to children? At least with the LGBT community, there won't be any people who fantasize about fucking kids. The person who originally posted this, that is absolutely gross if you are attracted to kids, and have fantasies about fucking them. I can accept a lot, but not that. Especially since I am a victim of child molestation. I am sorry, you need to be chemically castrated and need some sort of conversion therapy. Anyways, onto my main point. I came out as trans back in 2017, and have had a difficult time with being me. So I find SL is a great opportunity, to be me, without the ridicule. That and I have tonnes of support, which I am grateful for. I do hope that one day, that people can be more accepting around the world of the LGBT community, until then. I will use SL as a means to be able to be myself. Although, now that I say that. Lately, I have not really cared what others think of me. Like I am currently on hormones, and well I am not scared to hide what is on my body. I don't go naked or anything, but if someone sees a little bump on my chest. I honestly don't care anymore.


For Charlieredheart, you might be running into people who are concerned about keeping underage-appearing avatars out of adult regions. Sometimes that's because they're trying to comply with laws in their own country as well, so that uncompromising attitude might have other reasons of which you are not aware. It's unfortunate but it would be difficult to make a viable case that they should relax those restrictions under such circumstances. You might need to have an alternate avatar for visiting such places, as I am guessing it's the adult places that are objecting to how you look.

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