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Tuesday, July 30, 2019


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Notice how no one from LL donated even a penny.


Run monthly pay-to-play RPG sessions with a dedicated core team of pros. Limit the spaces. It will book up fast, months in advance. Make it worthwhile. Do this in addition to rentals.


The crowdfunding offers apartments in HL for a year in return. It doesn't look like a bad deal (even if you don't think to just support HL), especially if you count that HL folks are known for the quality of their buildings and if you have a decent computer, they show among the best lights and materials in SL, if not the best.

However, 5 regions are expensive and not everyone is a fan of the cyberpunk settings.
Perhaps if one day LL could create on demand regions, or something like that, preservation would be simpler for them and to showcase them.


The fundraising was proof Djehan'work is still relevant and admired. Donations will keep coming to ensure this Sim stays active and is preserved with full functionality.

Fanboism is not enough. Lovers of art, cyberpunk and excellent craftsmanship are gathering to support this.

HL is anything, but lost.


Remember LL has no obligation of donate, they work just as all of us, nothing to be criticized for.
I didn't know about HL until this news because cyberpunk is not completely my style but after going there is really amazing, it's very cool than people lend a hand to save it, you should not thinkg bad about LL, they're not the villians, actually nobody is, is just how this world works.
congrats for getting the founds and to the people for lending them.
atte: just a random resident xD

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